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How to Avoid AC Repair Issues in the Summer Heat

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Before you know it, another summer is upon you and the long neglected air conditioning unit busts. Alas! . If you don’t want that to happen to you, then take appropriate measures. Here are some tips to avoid Air Conditioner repair in summer:

Pay attention to your filters

There are some things that you can do to keep the air conditioning unit functioning to its full potential. You know how important filters are, so do pay attention to them – clean or replace them a couple of times at least annually or at least when they look choked with dust.

Filters play a vital role in allowing air to flow freely and if they don’t function, the dust is recirculated into your home and the unit’s efficiency is drastically reduced. Moreover, as restriction in airflow upsets the heat release and cooling processes, icing is created and your air filter cannot breathe. Don’t let that happen.

Keep the outdoor compressor unit clean

Sometimes dirt gets into the unit and could clog up the condenser coils. This will naturally affect the flow of air as the efficiency of the condenser is reduced. Ensure that this is cleaned right at the beginning of the season.

Switch on those ceiling fans

Work those fans in conjunction with your unit—when the thermostat shuts down once it reaches the set temperature, the fans can actually do the job of spreading the cool air throughout the rooms, while minimizing energy use. Keep those fans going, albeit at a slow speed, when the AC unit is switched on.

Check the unit after Storms

Storms wreak havoc wherever they go and your AC unit could take a beating too—so do look out for dents and small-scale damage that’s likely to affect the cooling efficiency or restrict air flow.

Be on the alert for strange sounds

Strange sounds in the air-conditioning unit always spell trouble. So, if you hear any unusual rattling or revving noises, it would be a good idea to call your technician to examine your unit.

Schedule routine maintenance

Your AC unit’s heating and cooling systems need to be checked annually by a licensed HVAC contractor regardless of how old or new the unit is. Performing AC tune ups, and inspecting the unit on a regular basis are important to keep it performing flawlessly.

Enjoy your summer and don’t allow a faulty air conditioner to come in the way. We at Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning believe that minor flaws, if attended to whenever noticed, can pre-empt them leading to bigger problems.

Having a regular maintenance contract can help you do that. Schedule an HVAC appointment online and we’ll take a look at how we can help you enjoy your summer better.

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