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Did Freezing Temperatures Leave You With Frozen Pipes?

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The recent freezing temperatures sweeping through the United States have made their way to Dallas as well. We’ve recently been shivering in our coats and rushing towards the safety of our warm homes and cars. This cold has been so significant that it can actually cause damage to the plumbing inside our homes, if we’re not careful. 

One of the things that emergency plumbers in Dallas are most wary of is frozen plumbing pipes. This problem is a very common occurrence during the cold winter months. In this article, we will discuss how pipes freeze and what to do when this happens. 

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

When the temperature drops quickly in your home, the pipes can freeze. Even if the cold winter weather is somewhat bearable during the day, cold snaps that occur during the day can leave you without running water by morning. This problem is seen time and time again in many homes during this time of year. 

As the neighborhood’s leading emergency plumbers, Dallas Plumbing Company highly recommends several preparatory measures that will help you avoid extensive and expensive repairs. 

How Can Frozen Pipes Be Prevented?

With a little elbow grease or help from a local plumber, you can prepare your home to be well equipped for any cold spells in the region. One of the best things you can do at the beginning of each winter or even fall season is to winterize your plumbing. Consider the following checklist as you think about how to preserve your plumbing this winter season: 

  • Check the insulation of pipes, if there is any on them. Make sure that you insulate the pipes well so they do not come into direct contact with freezing temperatures. 
  • Check for potential clogs in the pipes and clear them. A clog inside a pipe will create additional pressure when it freezes, increasing its chances of bursting.  
  • Check for proper thermostat settings, they must be set correctly.  Your thermostat must be set low enough to keep the pipes warm and protected from the cold snaps in the weather. This is especially true if you leave your home in the winter for a vacation. 

Not sure of your judgment when you’re checking these things? Don’t fear. Contact a local emergency plumber in Dallas who will be happy to check these things for you. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to frozen and burst pipes. 

Signs of Frozen Pipes

In the absence of a qualified plumber, like those at Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning, it can be difficult to determine whether pipes are frozen. Here are a few signs that your home’s pipes are frozen.

  • Pipes that bulge or crack and leak ice
  • Pipes encrusted with frost or ice
  • Drains or faucets that smell bad
  • Water flow is poor or nonexistent
  • When you flush the toilet, you hear strange sounds, such as whistling, banging, or bubbling

Your pipes may be frozen if you notice any of these symptoms. There is one more sign that requires immediate attention. Any accumulation of water on your ceilings or walls must be dealt with by a Dallas emergency plumber immediately. This is an indication of a plumbing leak, which will cause mold and other damage to the home.  

What to Do With Frozen Pipes?

A frozen pipe can cause quite a mess. Nevertheless, we have some tips that can help you resolve the issue. See if you can thaw out your pipes by yourself by following these suggestions: 

Get a Blow Dryer! 

You can thaw the frozen pipes using your hair dryer or space heater if they are visible and easily reached. However, we advise you against using flammable devices with open flames against this pipe is not recommended. This can cause a needless fire.

Turn Off The Water!

Make sure the main water supply is turned off if you know there is a frozen pipe that you cannot reach. By doing this, you will prevent further pressure from building up on that pipe, which will prevent it from bursting.

Check For Water Leaks!

You should check the pipe for any damage, leaks, or water after it has been successfully thawed out.

Grab Some Hot Towels!

Soak some hot towels in hot water and wrap them around the frozen pipe if it is within reach. Change out the towel as it cools down. This will infuse heat into the pipe and melt the ice. 

Dallas’ Emergency Plumber Services

Did you find a frozen pipe in your home? Contact Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning today for 24/7 emergency repair services. Stay calm and remember that help is just one phone call away. Call us at 214-305-8811.

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