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6 Tips to Minimize the Running Cost of your HVAC System During Winter

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Winters are round the corner and in this chilling winter, you can rely on HVAC systems to make the winter months bearable. However the luxury and comfort comes at a cost (in the form of an inflated utility bill for subsequent month). Here are some tips that can help you minimize the cost of HVAC system installed at your home.

Lowering The Thermostat: This fact tops the list of cost minimization as it is a simple way to directly curb your heating cost. As per study conducted by Department of energy, lowering the thermostat temperature by around 10 to 15 degree for eight to nine hours a day can save you around 10% per year. So by doing this while asleep or whenever you are out of home can save you some easy bucks without comprising on your comfort. So making a minor change in your daily routine you can save a lot.

Make use of Renewable source of Energy: Sun is an endless and free source of energy in every season be it summer or winter. So whenever sun is shining bright in the sky, it is high time to welcome the heat in your home. Open the curtains, blinds and window to let sunlight enter directly in your home. Don’t forget to shut the windows and curtains back to their position after sunset to preserve that extra layer of insulation to keep your home warm and insulated.

Be Tech Savvy: Besides lowering the thermostat temperature, it is advisable to switch over to smart thermostat available in the market. These thermostat come with inbuilt smart features and can be controlled from anywhere in the home through a user friendly smart app. Moreover you can also customize a heating schedule as per your convenience and routine in order to save energy without being tied to your thermostat.

Periodical Checkup: Just before the onset of winter season, it is advisable to get your furnace tuned. In case there is any delay in the essential maintenance, don’t delay the tune up of your HVAC system.

Home Cleaning: Unhindered flow of air from vents and ducts is the key criteria for effective heating of your home. It is advisable to ensure regular cleaning of these vents to remove dust and other debris or any other object that might be the blocking the air passage.

Air Circulation: Ceiling fans are an integral part of every home. Ceiling fans aren’t just meant for summers instead you can switch on the fans on low speed in rooms. It will help in creating an updraft that will ensure circulation of warm air near the celling.

These are some simple and effective hacks that can help you save some hard earned money. So why spend more when you can save by following some simple tips. Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a trusted and reliable name for HVAC system and other residential, commercial and industrial heating services. To get some best results you are anticipating, contact your local Heating & Air Conditioning service providing company for a free consultation about other options, including upgrading to Energy Star-certified HVAC equipment.

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