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Why Is Flushing My Toilet So Noisy?

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You clearly don’t want to wake up the neighbors with your toilet flushing. However, sometimes your toilet might get to be a little too loud. To make things worse, a loud toilet could be a sign of some significant trouble. There are many good reasons as to why your toilet might be making far too much noise as you are trying to flush it properly.

Water Isn’t Flowing Right

The most common plumbing issue that comes with a toilet being loud when flushing is that water may not be flowing properly into the toilet.

Water is not flowing into the refill valve at this point. This makes it harder for the toilet to fill up again and to get enough water to flush waste down. This can cause backups and may cause some of the pipes or other connections in the toilet to become ruptured.

Stuck At the Bottom

Refill water might be going down the overflow pipe in some cases. This refill water is needed to help keep the toilet running properly and without any problems. However, the water might be stuck on the bottom part of the overflow pipe.

As the water is stuck at the bottom, added pressure is added to the inside of the toilet. This makes it harder for the water to move out properly and can cause some substantial backups if it is not treated and restored properly.

Sometimes this may be caused by the angle adapter in the toilet pointing in the wrong direction. The adapter will have to be adjusted so the water will move into the proper pipe and not be obstructed as much as it might be at the start.

The Seals Are Stiff

The seals inside a toilet need to be secure and protected so they won’t be too problematic or otherwise hard to manage. The seals should be relaxed if the toilet is to keep from being loud.

Sometimes the seals might become too loud because they are stiff. This may come from excess debris around the seals, thus keeping them from managing the flow in an area. As a result, the added pressure that comes onto the seals will generate more noise. To make things worse, the pressure might cause added fatigue onto the toilet to keep it from being as safe and functional as it is supposed to be.

The Mechanisms Are Not Aligned Well

Sometimes the flushing mechanisms that help you to actually flush the toilet might not be aligned properly. That is, sometimes the mechanisms will not respond immediately. This could cause the toilet to stop working properly as it will become easier for it to be backed up if not managed right enough.

You must make sure any problems where your toilet is noisy while flushing are resolved as soon as possible. Be sure to take a look at how your toilet is working and to get it repaired as soon as possible to ensure that your setup will not be much of a hassle.

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