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Tips for Using a Plunger the Right Way

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While a great plunger can help you with removing clogs in a variety of drains, you should watch for how you’re going to use it. There are several tips that you can use to get the most out of a plunger.

Keep It Straight

As you move the plunger up and down, you must keep it as straight as possible. This is to get enough of a seal on the bowl or sink while also adding enough pressure onto the area. This helps to make the area work better but you must be careful as moving it at an angle causes the seal to be lost. This must be checked properly so you won’t have any problems with making it work in some way.

You must especially be cautious if you’ve got a more flexible accordion plunger. This might be easier for you to tilt by accident. This can be hard to use as it allows the pressure in your plunger to keep from working right.

See That the Plunger Is Built Strong

The rubber materials on your plunger are designed to be strong and flexible. That doesn’t mean they will last forever. Check on how well the plunger works by seeing how it responds to your movements. You might need to get a new one if it is too rigid. Of course, you should always replace any plunger that appears to be broken or torn in some manner.

Keep Air from Getting into the Cup

Don’t let far too much air into the plunger cup. When there’s too much air, the clog will not get the force it needs. This comes as the plunger is absorbing the force. You should be careful with this by making sure you don’t use the material from being too hard to use.

Don’t Use If You Handled Chemicals

Don’t ever use a plunger if you have just used chemicals inside your toilet. The problem with a plunger at this point is that you could get some chemicals to splash around the area. This could be dangerous and even deadly depend on whatever you might have used inside the toilet at a given time.

Keep the Plunger Submerged

When working on a toilet, you must see that the plunger is properly submerged. Don’t let the plunger get out from the water or else you will lose the proper pressure that you are trying to add to the bowl. This can be tough to handle but you must watch for how well it is working in the water without problems.

Good luck with using any kind of plunger. You’ll see that it will work well if you are cautious and not at risk of getting into any real problems when trying to use it. It will not be hard to use it either when you see just how effective it can be for your demands as you aim to clear out pressure.

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