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There are several times when your faucets leak, your bathroom overflows or sometimes when your kitchen sink becomes clogged. In such cases, most of us simply move our face in dismay or look for a miracle. If this has happened to you as well, it is high time for you to follow a few useful home plumbing tips so that you understand the ways to handle the emergency plumbing issue.

Having known few tips on plumbing and following those at times of emergency can be of great help to you. Here are few simple yet helpful; tips on home plumbing that come handy to you at times of emergency.

General tips on plumbing

  • Getting ready– Do not lose time while waiting for trouble to happen. You may at times go and check the primary water supply switch and also check the drains if they are dirty. If you do not check at regular intervals and clean them, there are increased chances of the drains being clogged.
  • Do not panic at times of plumbing emergency– Panicking at times of plumbing emergency will do no good. Thus, it is suggested to stay calm at times of plumbing trouble and find out the issue so that you can fix them.
  • Understanding the plumbing system in your home or office– Share your general plumbing knowledge with your whole family. Also, locate the primary water source and then shut off the valves if there is a massive leakage.
  • Ensure to keep at least 3 plumbers’ contacts ready– Even in case you repair the minor difficulties, it is always suggested to keep contacts of multiple plumbers ready. In case one plumber is not available, you may approach the other plumbers to come and attend your plumbing emergency. Always put this data near your telephone or save those contacts in your cell phone. This would ensure that you can find them very easily at times of emergency.
  • Both maintenance and great protective measures are necessary– You can practice protective plumbing measures like pouring boiling water down the drains that draw grease and clear the debris. This will protect the drains from the clogs.

Handling few common plumbing problems all by yourself

Clogged drain– You may use a plunger to clear the clogging of the drains. In case it fails to work, then you may opt to use a plumber’s snake for the purpose. You may also utilize certain drain cleaners which contain powerful chemicals and can clear off the drains very effectively.

Overflowing toilet– There are several times when the toilets overflow due to overuse and clogging of the drains. The overflowing of the drains is also due to the float rising at a higher level. You may replace the necessary parts all by yourself in order to do away with this problem.

Struck faucets– This is a common plumbing problem and can be very easily resolved by removing the mineral deposits which are struck inside the faucet. You may very conveniently use FSA-approved silicon grease in order to smoothen the sink. It is never advised to apply petroleum jelly in such cases.

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