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Does My Ductwork Need Replacement?

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Homeowners often don’t pay much attention to the ductwork that runs through their home unless a problem is detected.  Ductwork is generally hidden and is the main reason why it doesn’t get required attention from owners. Ducts are an essential part of any HVAC system and deserve your attention. Do you know whether ductwork installed in your home is in healthy state or not? In this blog we’ll discuss some common signs that you should look for to assess whether your home needs an air duct replacement.

  1. Age of Duct: Just like any other system, ductwork also starts deteriorating over time. However, with proper upkeeping, and maintenance, lifespan of ducts can be enhanced. In case your ductwork is more than a decade old, it is advisable to replace your ducts. We recommend scheduling periodic inspections and considering replacement if frequent repairs are required.
  2. Airflow Status: Check the airflow level of your ducts. Clean and healthy airducts enhances the efficiency and comfort level that you experience in your living area. Damaged, dirty, and clogged drains are the prime factors for inefficiency of your HVAC system and also puts undue strain on your entire system. In case you are experiencing limited airflow or find you’re A/C struggling, its time to opt for ductwork replacement.
  3. No Cooling/Heating:  Are you unable to experience the cooling impact of your HVAC system? Check out the filter and replace if required. In case your issue is still not resolved, the main issue underlying is with ductwork. Over the time, there can be wear and tear in ductwork in form of leaks and holes that allow cool air to escape before it reaches its destination i.e., your living area. Ductwork repair is a temporary yet costly affair. We recommend consulting a professional plumbing and heating company about your options.
  4. Dents Accompanied with Strange Noise: Over the time, dents may develop in your ductwork and can hamper the overall effectiveness of your system. In case you notice some odd noise in your system. It’s a warning sign that something is wrong. We recommend contacting a professional and expert plumbing company for immediate evaluation of issue and suggest remedial measures before it cause additional turbulence.
  5. Improper Installation: Faulty or poor installation is the prime cause of energy loss in transit. This scenario arises when homeowners pay for services of budget contractors that perform sub-par work which eventually leads to high energy use, system inefficiency and at last, but not least, complete failure of the system.  If your new unit is inefficient, it might be a faulty installation is the real culprit. Hire an experienced and licensed plumbing and heating company that can provide right solution.

For a complete check-up of your system, call the licensed professionals at 214-305-8811 in the Air Conditioning division of Dallas Plumbing Company.

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