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Why Is My Toilet So Loud?

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Why Is My Toilet So Loud

This article’s topic concerns one of our home’s most essential amenities: the toilet. What do you think life would have been like without a toilet? Most of us do not think much about this scenario until the toilet becomes dysfunctional. Though its design has served most households for decades, toilets eventually acquire repairs due to the normal and tear they get. One of those repairs involves the various types of excessive noise that toilets make.

FAQ About Loud Toilets

Have you ever found your toilet making an odd sound that caused you to think, “Hmm…why is the toilet flushing so loud?.” As Dallas’ expert plumbing repair technicians, we get all sorts of questions about these sounds. We compiled these common sounds and provided a few tips on how to handle them. Also, at the end of this article, we will discuss what happens when these issues are ignored. 

What is that High Pitched Squeal?

A high pitched squeal of a toilet can wake you up at night. It isn’t pleasant, and in fact, it can get downright annoying. But this noise is often caused by a worn-out ballcock valve. The solution to this issue is to replace the valve simply. It is a cheap and easy solution but if you’re unsure, contact a local plumbing repair tech to assist you. 

Why is My Toilet Flushing So Loud?

What if the toilet isn’t making any weird sounds, but it’s just loud when flushing? Usually, this is explained by issues with the refill valve. If it isn’t filling properly, your toilet will be very loud. This valve would need to be replaced by a knowledgeable plumbing expert, or you can do this yourself if you’re comfortable doing so. 

Why is the Toilet Flushing Loudly and Randomly?

Sometimes, toilets aren’t just loud but also flush randomly and on their own. No, you do not have a ghost in the house, but these flushes are called “ghost flushing.” They can be troublesome if you’re not expecting the flush, especially when you’re alone in the house. 

This issue is best explained by a faulty flapper. If the flapper doesn’t close, water will trickle in until the float reaches the required level to create a flush. This flapper would have to be replaced with a new one to cease this random flushing.  

How Can I Make the Hissing Sound Go Away?

Aside from the noise of a loud flushing toilet is the concern of a persistent hissing that occurs occasionally. This hissing sound is also attributed to a faulty flapper. In fact, if your toilet flushed randomly, chances are that it also hisses after. 

However, this issue can also be explained by water draining into the toilet’s overflow tube. The way to fix this issue is to adjust the fill valve and ballcock to the required levels. If you’re unsure of how to do this, we recommend contacting your local plumbing repair tech for help.  

What if the Toilet’s Loud Flushing is Ignored?

As promised, we will also go over some of the reasons why it is important to address the loud noise your toilet makes. After all, can’t you just resolve yourself to live with the noise and not mind it? Though you may be the most down-to-earth and chill person who isn’t phased by much in life, we highly recommend that you do not overlook these issues. 

As we can tell from the various toilet sounds, the common denominator of each one is that they cause extra water to run needlessly. As a result, you will end up with higher water bills and greater water waste.

Additionally, these issues will wear the toilet out faster. Ignored problems do not go away; they become bigger problems that will result in an inoperable toilet. So, what’s the takeaway here? Get those noises inspected as soon as possible to prevent bigger repair issues and large expenses. Repairing a toilet is cheaper than paying large water bills or replacing the toilet entirely.  

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