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Unless you are a Dallas heating and air conditioning pro, the signs for cleaning your ducts won’t always be evident to you. However, because the ductwork in your home plays a huge role in the quality of your indoor air, keeping them clean and in optimal condition is very important. As the regional experts in all things air conditioning, we will share with you the top five signs that indicate that this cleaning service is needed. Read on and learn how to keep a healthy breathing environment in your home. 

Signs for Cleaning Your Ducts

Visible Debris and Dust 

One surefire sign that will always indicate a much-needed cleaning is when you see dust and debris sticking out of the vents. This is a sign that the ducts haven’t been cleaned in a long, long time. It could also mean that the air registers need a thorough cleaning. In all honesty, your ductwork shouldn’t ever get to this point because it isn’t very healthy for those living inside. Call a Dallas heating and air conditioning technician if you notice the accumulation of dust and debris in your vents

Continuously Clogged Air Filters

So you’re a responsible homeowner who takes the time to switch out those air filters every few weeks, only to find yourself doing it again a couple of weeks later. This isn’t a normal thing to be experiencing. Even if you’re continuously using your HVAC unit, those air filters can last up to four to six weeks. More frequent changes in air filters must be investigated because new air filters cost money! Plus, if they are frequently getting clogged, the AC must not be working all that efficiently either. Therefore, make sure to contact an air conditioning repair tech to investigate the issue and see if it is time to clean the air ducts. 

Poor Odors 

Have you been using room fragrances, candles, diffusers, and wallflowers to try and get the home to smell nice again? If you aren’t having any success with this and you can’t find the reason for the poor odor, it may very well be in the vents and air ducts. Contact a Dallas heating and air conditioning pro to help investigate the problem. 

Sometimes, dirt and debris get stuck in the outdoor unit as well. When that happens, the odor may travel into the home as well. If that is the case, it will need to be cleaned to restore the home’s indoor air quality. For this reason, we frequently recommend regular AC maintenance to prevent these issues. 

Development of Mold

If you recently discovered mold anywhere in the home, we recommend that an AC repair tech check your air ducts to ensure that they don’t have any mold inside as well. If they do, it will transfer to other areas of the house and cause much damage. This is especially the case if a refrigerant fluid leak causes mold growth. 

After detecting mold, it is essential to clean the ductwork to ensure healthy indoor air quality throughout the home. It is a preventative measure that can make a difference in the well-being of everyone living inside the home. 

Poor Airflow

The culprit may very well be dirty ducts if you have inconsistent air flow or temperatures throughout the house. If they are clogged in any way, they will prevent proper airflow. This will decrease the efficiency of your unit and cause it to work much harder than necessary.

Cracks and gaps in the ductwork can also cause poor airflow. If the air escapes through those cracks, it won’t be able to deliver the appropriate temperatures to the house. This issue will need to be investigated and repaired by a professional technician. 

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