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What’s the Best Plunger for Your Plumbing Project?

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What Types of Plungers Work for Plumbing Projects?

You will need to get a plunger on hand for any clog issues you have in your home. However, you must watch for the type of plunger you are using. There are different kinds of plungers that may work for several needs and should be checked carefully in terms of what you can use at a given time. Each option has its own special physical design that makes it easy to use without being too complicated or rough in some way.

Cup Plunger

A traditional cup plunger is used for bathtubs and sinks. It uses a rubber cup body. This creates a solid seal without much flexibility attached to it. This makes it easier to use in most small areas where you don’t have much of a chance to move the cup around in any way.

While it has a traditional look like what you’d see in most places, it works better with seals on some smaller spots. These include on sinks and tubs. In other words, you should not use this kind of plunger on a toilet as it will not get around its body as well as another kind of plunger might be able to.

Flange Plunger

A flange plunger is an ideal choice for use in a toilet. This is made with a small rubber flap that surrounds a narrow base. This helps to create out clogs in a toilet as it can get well into the bowl without putting in any risk on the toilet. This is used for when you’re trying to get a better grip on the area. It also doesn’t cause any scratches inside the bowl, thus ensuring that the entire area will be treated well without harm.

This is a little more flexible than a cup plunger but it is not as versatile as the accordion plunger, which you will read about in a bit to get a clear idea of what makes it work.

Accordion Plunger

The accordion plunger is designed with a body that is like what you might see on an accordion. With this, you will press this up and down in a manner where the plunger will generate enough stress onto the surface. This allows the space to get enough pressure to force clogs out of the way. This is ideal for most large spots including toilets.

Make sure you check on the quality of the plunger that you have and what you want to get out of it. This is to ensure that whatever you are using is simple and isn’t too hard to use. Keep all three of these plungers in your home for any kind of plumbing emergency that you have no matter where in your home the emergency might be located at.

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