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What is Limescale?

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What is Limescale?

Limescale is a residue consistent with calcium carbonate deposited into pipes by hard water. These minerals are left behind after the water evaporates, creating a buildup in pipes and faucets. Limescale water can become a very expensive problem because the buildup it creates will lead to blocked pipes and faucets and reduce water pressure. Plus, using hard water full of limescale isn’t very good for the hair or skin, and drinking it isn’t very healthy either.

As a result, it is essential to do what you can to prevent the build-up of limescale in your plumbing system. In this article, we will outline a few simple steps you can take to prevent limescale in your home. 

How To Prevent Limescale

Preventing limescale will extend the longevity of your pipes and ensure optimal water quality for your home. Consult a local plumber in Dallas on the best ways to reduce limescale, or try some of the following steps. 

1. Install a Water Softener

Treating your water is the first step in how to prevent limescale. You can clean your pipes endlessly but will still end up with limescale if your water is hard. You may benefit from a water softener that will remove the calcium carbonate from the water. This cleaned water won’t be as harsh on the skin and will allow all appliances to run more smoothly. 

2. Decrease the Amount of Detergent Used

Using less detergent may seem like an odd suggestion, but it is very meaningful. Certain detergents have the ability to strip pipes of their protective coatings that help fight off limescale water. This becomes a problem when detergent is used in excess. Therefore, use the directed amount of detergent only. Also, ensure your detergent is void of any enzymes that damage clothing, washing machines, and pipes. 

3. Clean Your Plumbing System

Cleaning your pipes will go a long way to preventing the build-up of limescale in your plumbing system. This step is part of a healthy maintenance routine that will extend the quality of your pipes and water. Here are some ways you can clean your pipes: 

Baking Soda Solution

You can clean your pipes in a matter of just 20 minutes by using a solution of one part vinegar and one part baking soda. Pour it in your pipes and let it sit for 20 minutes, followed by hot water to flush it all out. This solution will loosen the buildup and clean out your pipes to look almost new. 

Run Hot Water

Hot water removes the calcium content found in the pipes and water. However, this water has to be at boiling temperature to be effective. This provides a temporary fix that softens the water and helps reduce limescale water.

Use a Pipe Cleaner

Another step Dallas residents can take is to use a pipe cleaner to prevent limescale. This cleaner is a small bristle brush that can remove dirt, debris, and limescale buildup in your pipes. After running them through hot water, use the brush to scrub the inside of your pipes. The more often you do it, the cleaner your pipes will be. 

Use a Pipe Snake

Much like a pipe cleaner, a pipe snake also has bristles, but it is much longer. This pipe snake will help to reach the inside of your pipes more effectively to clean them out. Though this may seem like a tedious process, you will see great improvement in the quality of your water. 

Cleaning the limescale is part of maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system. Learn on our blog about some of the benefits of maintenance

4. Call Plumbing Repair in Dallas, TX

If all else fails, call a local plumber like the ones at Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning who will get the job done for you. With over a century of experience, our technicians will be able to determine the root of the limescale problems and resolve them once and for all. Call us today for your plumbing needs at 214-305-8811.

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