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What is HVAC Replacement?

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 HVAC Replacement

In the simplest words, HVAC replacement means parting ways with your old HVAC units and getting a new one in its stead. HVAC replacement does not necessarily have to be a complete replacement. HVAC system has two separate units – air conditioning and boiler and furnaces unit. Air conditioning keeps you cool in summers and boilers keep you warm in winters.

Do I Need Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes, major or minor components of the system may need to be replaced. But if you are just replacing certain components, it is basically a repair. The true replacement is when the entire HVAC unit is renewed (considering cooling and heating units as separate).

So, how do you know it is the time for the replacement? HVAC is a pretty sturdy and robust system. Therefore, identifying the right time for the replacement could get a little difficult.

 Expected Life of an HVAC Unit

Some people do not know that the manufacturer of the HVAC system also specifies its expected service life. According to them, when that time has passed, the HVAC unit must be replaced. But sometimes your system seems to be fully functional and you see no reason to meddle with it.

This is where you will need to think a little differently. The expected service life is about ten years for the HVAC system. It means that it has already served you enough. While it may seem that it is doing a good job, in reality it might be costing you much more than you expected in terms of energy consumption.

Sometimes your HVAC system will give you clear or subtle indications that the time for the replacement has come.

 What if I Have a Furnace?

If you are using a furnace that is gas-fired then its most important component is heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed to let the transfer of heat from the gas burner take place. This heat is then circulated through the entire HVAC system. If there is even small damage to the exchanger, you will want to get it replaced immediately.

Heat exchangers sustain damages in the form of holes and cracks. Over time, after prolonged use, the heat exchangers become more prone to damages. They have the endurance capacity and if they get heated beyond that they will get damaged. This is something that is quite common when the HVAC is old. However, if the filter is not cleaned properly, it will get damaged much earlier.

Rusting is a Problem 

Rusting is another big culprit causing the damage to the heat exchangers. The rusting is caused when the humidity and moisture level in the area are high. Sometimes, when the furnace of the heating unit is too close to the AC it also causes the rusting of the exchanger.

As far as air conditioning unit is concerned, if you hear too much noise from the duct or the cooling is not effective, it could be the time to go for replacement.

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