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What Causes Many HVAC Repair Needs?

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What Causes So Many Problems That Require HVAC Repair Needs?

There are many times when you might need to get your HVAC system repaired. Here are a few of the causes of some of the more common problems that might come about within your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation ( HVAC) system.

A Lack of Hot Air

When your HVAC system is not getting enough hot air, it often comes from a gas connection not working well. The gas valve meter should be checked to see if it is working properly.

You would have to contact your gas company to see what fixes might have to take place to get your HVAC system working again.

The ducts in your home might also be a problem. You should check to see if the ducts need to be cleaned out.  If not, that should be done immediately.

A Lack of Cool Air

You might not be getting enough cool air because your HVAC system is not taking in warm air from inside your home and moving it outside. Your HVAC system should take in enough air from inside and exchange it with cool air generated by that unit. When this does not work, you will need to get help with repairing the exchanger.

No Air Flow

The air filters in your home might be a factor that keeps air from moving around your HVAC system. When your filters are not working, or are clogged, they will keep air from moving through properly. You will need to get your filters cleaned off or replaced to keep the air flow in them from being a problem.

In some cases, a dirty coil might be a problem. When heating and cooling coils in your system aren’t clean, they can suffer from too much pressure. This, in turn, makes it harder for them to start functional.

The System Keeps Running

There might be times when your system keeps on running even at points when you don’t want it to. When this happens, it is usually due to the thermostat not working right. The thermostat might be improperly set. Otherwise, in some cases, it might not be sensed as well as it should.

You might need to get the sensors in your thermostat checked. The sensors should be tested and repaired to see that they can work right. At this point, the sensors should be examined to see that there are no problems with how your heater works.

Make sure your HVAC system is inspected regularly and that any problems are fixed as soon as possible. Any issues could keep you from feeling comfortable and can be damaging to your unit.

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