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Have you ever been in a restaurant or other public place where you noticed that there were no proper knobs on a sink? Today more people are turning to touchless fixtures for their plumbing projects. It is intriguing to see how such fixtures can be used in your home and how easy it can be to install them.

How a Touchless Fixture Works

Basically, what happens is that a motion sensor will be applied to your sink area. This will read any significant movements.

As the sensor identifies motions like your hands going over the area, it will trigger the sink or toilet. It will prompt the plumbing to let out enough water.

This works without the need for added knobs. It also helps with saving water which will save you money.

How Is It Installed?

Such a feature can be installed into your home using a small sensor. When this is added, the fixture will work with an electric connection. It will use this to monitor what moves in an area and to trigger the water as it identifies things.

Does it Use Too Much Energy?

A separate connection is typically needed for the sensor. Fortunately, that connection will work alongside other fixtures in your bathroom. It should not drain lots of energy. If anything, it will not use any energy at all until it identifies when something is in the area to get the water out.

Make sure you look at this feature if it’s time for a bathroom remodel.  You will be surprised at how well it can be used in your home. Want help installing a touchless toilet or sink? Call Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning Today!

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