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How a Home Air Conditioning System Works With Care

Home Air Conditioning System

Your home air conditioning system can be crucial to the comfort in your home. You must be certain when finding a residential AC unit that you know how it can work. The process for how it works is designed to keep everything running as well as possible.  Refrigerant Is Needed The first part of getting […]

Happy World Plumbing Day!

Plumbers Without Borders - Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning

Happy World Plumbing Day! We are celebrating by honoring Plumbers Without Borders. Visit them at www.plumberswithoutborders.org and see our Facebook post for more information! www.facebook.com/dallasplumbingcompany www.facebook.com/kitchensandbathsdallas

Prevent Frozen Pipes | Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning

Weather Report

If you live anywhere near DFW you are certainly experiencing the effects of the recent freezing weather! WFAA’s weather forecast system is predicting the following areas will receive more snow, sleet and rain tonight with the low temperatures dipping below freezing, again! While the kiddos may be excited about another “Snow Day”, the adults of the […]