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Signs for a Heating Repair

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Signs for Heating Repair

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a cold winter day without a working heating system. As luck would have it, heaters typically break down when we least expect them to and when we need them most often. 

As heating experts with over a hundred years of experience, the techs at Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning know how important it is to be aware of the signs and symptoms of potential repairs. To help the wonderful residents of Dallas prepare for another cold season, we compiled some telltale signs that indicate a need for furnace repair in Dallas

High Energy Bills 

An exceedingly large energy bill is one of the first things that should tip you off on a potential furnace problem. When an energy bill increases without an increase in your usage, it results in poor efficiency in your heating system. There are several things that will cause poor efficiency in your furnace, including: 

  • Clogged air ducts or filters
  • Air leaks in air ducts
  • A buildup of gas in the igniter
  • Blocked radiators
  • Misaligned parts, like the blower fan
  • Clogged heat pumps

Unless you’re a furnace repair tech in Dallas, narrowing down the issue may be challenging to do on your own. We recommend contacting a local technician to help you fix this issue. Doing so will help save you money on energy bills and prolong the longevity of your furnace. 

Speaking of efficiency, which furnace is the most efficient for your home? Read how efficiency is broken down for the most common furnaces on the market. 

Loud Noise 

Noise or odd sounds are also symptoms of needed repairs in your furnace. These sounds are different and carry their own meanings. Here is a breakdown of the most common sounds you may hear and what they mean: 

  • Popping: caused by a build-up of gas in the igniter.
  • Squealing: caused by worn-out blower bearings. 
  • Rattling: caused by loosed panel
  • Flapping: caused by stuck paper or leaves. 
  • Scraping: caused by a loose blower motor rubbing against surrounding metal. 

These sounds are beyond just being a nuisance. They indicate real problems that will only escalate if they aren’t taken care of immediately by a furnace repair tech in Dallas

Inconsistent Heating

If the rooms in your home are not consistently heated, there may be several problems at play. This could be caused by air leaks in the ducts that allow warm air to escape before hitting the room. Also, inconsistent heating can be a symptom of poor attic insulation. These two problems are not easy to investigate without the assistance of a furnace repair tech in Dallas

These issues typically decrease the efficiency of a furnace, essentially doubling the energy it uses. As a result, you will pay more in the long run for inconsistent heating issues. We recommend setting up a visit with a licensed technician who will help you determine the cause of such uneven heating and fix the issue. 

Bad Air Quality 

Poor air quality is another great reason for a furnace repair in Dallas. Very few people enjoy chronically stuffy and muggy homes. But this problem will be even worse if your air has more dust and debris floating around. Poor indoor air quality is the culprit that causes conditions like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases.

Bad air quality is most commonly caused by dirty air filters and ducts. As they facilitate air throughout the home, they accumulate dust and debris that must be periodically cleaned. If these two heating system components aren’t cleaned, they will get worse and cause lousy air quality. Additionally, they will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of your furnace. 

Quality Furnace Repair in Dallas

Have you noticed any of these issues throughout your home? Never fear because with the century-long trek record of excellence, Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning will provide you with quality heating, air conditioning, and plumbing repairs. When dealing with expensive equipment like furnaces, nothing less than high quality repairs will suffice. Lucky, our techs will always be available to save the day. Contact us today by calling 214-305-8811.

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