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How to Give Your Dog a Bath without Clogging the Drain

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Are you a pet owner and want your pet to stay relatively clean? Depending upon the size and temperament of your pet, bath time can be full of stress and anxiety for you and your pet. The biggest concern is that after the bath, you risk fur going down the train and leading to plumbing problems. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to prevent your furry friend’s bath time become a chaotic mess and make it an easy, and enjoyable time for both of you.

Using a Bathtub to Give Your Dog a Bath

Using a confined space to give your dog a bath may be stressful for both of you. Before starting, take a deep breath, relax and pamper your pet with love. Your pets are very good at reading your vibe, so if you stay calm, your dog will also stay calm. We recommend gathering supplies such as a brush, shampoo, towel, and a treat reward for your pet. Frequent brushing is also recommended as there will be less loose fur going down the drain. Make it a regular habit to brush your pet’s hair about prior to bath time. This will ease up the entire bathing process. Wet your pet’s hair down to the skin and form a shampoo lather and apply it starting from the neck down to the tail and toes. Avoid using soap and water near their eyes, nose, and ears. Once bathing is over, use a soft and clean towel to give them a good shake to wipe off the excess water. Use a separate towel to dry their face, paws, and neck area.

Keep a Tab on Water Temperature

Your pet can’t tell you if water is too hot or too cold, you need to check it on your own using your judgment. Water should ideally be lukewarm for your pet. You can invest in a good water thermometer to assess the water temperature.

Choosing the Correct Shampoo

Human hairs are dry, oily, frizzy, etc. and we use different types of shampoo depending upon the specific needs and hair type. Similarly, you should select a shampoo for your pet that can match the needs of their coat and skin. There are various shampoos available in the market that are specifically formulated for certain dog breeds, coat types, and skin conditions. In case you are not sure which shampoo will be best suitable for your pet, we recommend consulting a veterinarian to prescribe the best one for your dog.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Depending upon the type of activity your dog indulges in like their playtime, play area, their skin type, fur length, etc. most of the dogs only need a bath once a month. Dogs having oily or wrinkled skin require frequent grooming while those having dry skin will require fewer baths. Dogs having long fur need frequent cleaning to remove fleas and ticks. Try giving a bubble bath to your pets, they’ll love it.

How to Prevent Pet Hair from Clogging The Drain?

No matter how many times you have brushed or cleaned your pet before bath, there will be fur. However, by using a simple hair-catching drain cover screen that slips over the drain, you will be able to keep hairs from clogging the drain. You can also use a pop-up drain cover linear shower drain to catch hair and minimize the inflow of hairs, thus preventing clogging.

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