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How Different Temperatures Save AC Issues

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It is true that a great air conditioner will help you keep your home cooled off during the summer months. This is a great point for homes all around Dallas, what with triple-digit temperatures not being uncommon.

Still, you should watch out for how much energy you use when getting your air conditioner working. You might want to use a different temperature from what you are regularly used to having.

What’s the Magic Number?

The magic number for the ideal temperature that your home can handle is 78 degrees. That is, it is a point where it is cool and comfortable without being too chilly. It is also to cover the intense heat that you might experience outdoors.

While keeping the air conditioner on at 78 degrees sounds like a good idea, you have to be cautious. Making it cooler will end up being tougher on your air conditioner and your budget.

Why Keeping It Down Isn’t a Good Idea

You will use more energy if you keep the air conditioner down less than 78 degrees. You will increase your energy usage by about 8 percent for every degree that you go below 78. This can add up over time in the form of added expenses for using your air conditioner far too often.

This can especially be a real problem on the various parts of your air conditioner. The filter will work too hard and wear out quickly. The coil, fan and other parts will go through more pressure than necessary.

As these parts go through all that pressure, they will start to wear out and break apart. This could result in added maintenance expenses for you.

The risks that come with using the air conditioner at too low of a setting can be concerning. This is especially when you consider how expensive it can be to maintain or repair an overworked AC unit. Therefore, you should try and keep from putting your air conditioner down too low.

Increasing the Temperature Helps

When you increase the temperature on your air conditioner, you will save 8 percent on your AC cost for every temperature above 78 that you tune it to. This comes as the air conditioner will not be used too often and will not suffer from more fatigue than needed.

You can always tune the air condition to 80 or 82 degrees, for instance. This should be good enough for your home without making anything feel stuffy or uncomfortable.

You can also use a programmable thermostat that adjusts the unit at certain times. For instance, you can get the temperature to go up a few degrees at a point in the day when you expect to be out of the house. You should make sure this is controlled without being too warm to the point where items inside your home aren’t at risk of harm.

Remember that your air conditioner in Dallas will use more power when it is at a cooler temperature. Try and keep it above 78 degrees if possible so it will be easier for you to keep from spending more than needed on your AC plans.

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