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You don’t have to blow your home’s budget on your air conditioner. You can use a few maintenance tips to not only keep your HVAC unit working well but to keep your unit from breaking down. These will save you money on your energy costs and keep you from having to spend lots of money on costly hvac repair services.

 Clear All Condensate Drains

All condensate drains in your HVAC unit should be cleaned out on occasion. You must remove any condensation or other particles to keep your drain open so air can move through properly. More importantly, this should help your HVAC unit to reach the ideal level of humidity ready to keep it working.

Clean All Coils

You should clean your air conditioner coils once or twice in a year. This should be enough to help you clear out old dirt and components that get into your system. The coil should be cleaned off to allow it to absorb heat and cool air.

Your coils must also be replaced if necessary. You might have to contact an HVAC professional to come over to replace your coils after every few years. This is due to the coils only having a limited shelf life and potentially wearing out after a few years of use.

Watch For Debris

It’s especially important to see what gets around your HVAC unit. You must keep your unit clean and protected if it’s near bushes, trees or other spots where debris can get in the way. Always clear out any bits of debris that get onto or even into your HVAC unit so it won’t impact any of its parts.

It’s typically best to keep about two to three feet of space between your HVAC unit and any bushes or other items in a spot. This is to keep the threat of debris from being far too prominent.

Clear All Filters

The filters within your HVAC unit should be cleaned out on a regular basis. Make sure the connections are off as you remove and clean a filter. Always use a good clean brush to remove old debris, dirt and other items from your filter and then throw replace the filter while turning the HVAC device back on. This should be enough to protect your space and keep it comfortable.

Use a Cover During the Weekend

The odds are you won’t be using your air conditioner during the winter unless you live in a spot where it can get to be relatively warm and in the eighties or so. Make sure you cover up your AC unit during the winter season so it won’t be impacted by snow, falling leaves or other debris that can come about. A good cover can also insulate the inside of the AC unit so it won’t be at risk of freezing or cracking apart due to the extreme weather conditions that can get into the region.

Remember that your HVAC unit can make a big difference in your home. You must keep it maintained well and protected so you won’t worry about the HVAC unit breaking down or not working for any reason.

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