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Common AC Repairs in the Summer

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Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning - Common AC Repairs in the Summer

Air conditioning units create a safe haven for us during the hot summer days in Dallas, TX. The hot weather drives many homeowners to run the AC nearly constantly, creating a bit of wear on the unit. Because of this, the requests for AC repair services for residential and commercial properties increase at Dallas Plumbing & Air Conditioning. As local AC experts, we have learned what air conditioning repairs trend during the summer months. In this blog, we will share information about these common repairs and answer some common summer-related questions about air conditioning units. 

The Most Common Problems Local AC Repair Services Fix in the Summer

So what do HVAC techs fix the most during the summer? As we look at the 120 years of our service in the Dallas area, we find that these are the most common repairs we deal with during the summer: 

Refrigerant Leaks 

Somehow, refrigerant leaks happen pretty often in the summer, and when you heavily rely on your AC, you’ll likely experience this at some point. . Without the proper refrigerant fluid levels, your AC cannot  cool your home properly. 

Dirty Air Filters

Many homeowners and commercial customers get frustrated over warm air blowing through the vents. This can be very inconvenient when expecting a cool breeze. When we inspect the issue, we almost always discover that the air filters haven’t been changed. To save yourself from paying extra fees for local AC repair services, we recommend changing those air filters at least every four to six weeks. 

Clogged Condensate Drain

Sometimes the condensate drain becomes clogged, making it harder for the AC to remove moisture from the air as it cools the home. This causes a backup of water in the AC unit, leading to leaks, mold development, and a muggy atmosphere. 

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats play a crucial role in regulating the temperatures of the home. If they are not functioning correctly, there will be inconsistent or uneven cooling temperatures. Sometimes, a poorly functioning thermostat can even prevent the AC from powering on, creating an uncomfortably warm home. 

Broken Compressor

In the most unfortunate cases, we have to fix a broken compressor. As local AC repair service experts, we usually recommend an AC replacement in this instance, as the repair or replacement of a compressor often equals the cost of a new unit. 

Electrical Issues 

The electrical components of the AC unit, like the capacitor, fan motor, or even the wiring, can fail and cause a lot of damage to the unit’s function. We often replace  the capacitor or fan motor, allowing the AC to run smoothly once again.  

Commonly Asked Questions About HVACs 


Why is my AC Not Cooling Enough On Hot Days?

Poor cooling temperatures are usually the result of refrigerant leaks, a worn-out blow motor, or a dirty evaporator coil. You should consider calling a local AC repair service if this problem persists or is combined with higher-than-usual energy bills. 

Can ACs Keep Up With 100-Degree Weather?

Most air conditioning units are very powerful and durable, especially if you have one with a higher-tier efficiency level. Your AC unit can cool your home to be 20 degrees lower than the temperatures outside, which is substantial and promising with triple-digit weather. 

Why Do AC Units Fail in the Summer?

AC units fail a lot in the summer because of their heavy use. They wear out quicker as they are constantly working to cool the homes of Dallas’ residents. More wear and tear means the need for repairs increases, which homeowners fail to recognize promptly. Thus, the AC will fail due to the neglected repair. 

Leading AC Repair Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Is your AC showing signs of a needed repair? Don’t put it off, and call us for prompt and professional AC services today. Our technicians will help resolve your  AC issues and ensure that you stay cool and comfortable all summer long!


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