Why Commercial Drain Cleaners Can Hurt Your Plumbing Setup

You have more than likely heard all sorts of things about how commercial drain cleaners that you can buy at local stores can help you to clear out a variety of clogs. While this sounds like it could work well, such materials are going to cause more harm to your plumbing system than what you can afford.

Chemicals Can Heat

avoid kitchen drain problemsAs you use a product like Drano to help with clearing out clogs, the chemicals used in it will start to heat up. These can crack the bowl surface in your toilet or other space. This, in turn, can cause fatigue in the area and might result in you having to replace the pipes altogether if you use it too often.

As the chemicals are heated, they add pressure. This can cause real damages if not checked upon properly. You must make sure you avoid using these cleaners in emergencies only.

May Wear Pipes

The heating can also cause some pipes in your plumbing to weaken and wear out. As this occurs, it could be easier for your home to suffer from additional damage. Remember, a commercial drain cleaner can damage your pipes even if they are relatively new. The threats could be significant and dangerous.

They Might Not Even Target the Clog

The worst part about some of these commercial drain cleaners is that they might be a big rip-off altogether. This comes as sometimes a clog will not be fully targeted by such a cleaner. A cleaner might not have compounds that can break down whatever you are trying to target.

It will be easier for you to get help through a professional plumber. You might find a plumber’s services to be useful. These include fixes for hair clogs, grease clogs and much more. A plumber will help you find a better solution and ensure the job is done right.