Components of an HVAC System

Heating and Air conditioning have become an essential requirement in our homes today. We should install this system to keep the temperatures at our home favorable and conducive. However, to ensure that these systems work efficiently one needs to understand how they operate and what their components are.

The weather changes drastically over the year. During summer the temperature tends to be too hot and very cold during winter. With HVAC systems you can be able to maintain the temperatures to accommodating levels. These are some of the components that are inbuilt in the HVAC systems that you need to know to help you manage your systems to avoid costly breakdowns that may happen from time to time.

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The furnace is one of the main components of the HVAC system. It helps with electricity or fuel into useful heat. It’s usually situated at the bottom of the system to enable warming of the air that passes through it. The air that is warmed and passed through the pipes duct into the rooms that you want to heat.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is positioned just next to the furnace. It’s made up of the metal steel plate. Its main function is to transfer the heat within the system. After the burner is turned on it converts the electric energy into heat. Afterwards, it passes the warm air to flow through it.

Evaporator Coil

The main work of the evaporator coil is to create the cooling factor of the system. It is positioned next to the furnace. When the AC is on and running, the evaporator condenses the air from the outdoor and absorbs the heat from the air. The cooler condenses the humidity from the air and makes it cooler and directs it down to the ducts and into the rooms.

Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is usually fitted outside the home. It is insulated with aluminum foils. The cooler air from the outside is cooled by the evaporator coil and flows it out of the compressor unit. Cool air from the refrigerator turns into the liquid, and it is condensed to increase the pressure from the outside unit and into to ducts directing it into the rooms.

Refrigerant Lines

These refer to the aluminum tubes that dispatch refrigerant from the outside condensing unit to the indoor built evaporating coils. These lines ensure that the cool air is passed to the right indoor destination.


These ducts are also made up of metal sheets and fiberglass which usually appears to look like wired frames. They are cooled through the houses ceiling or the walls to pass the cool or heated air from the furnace or the air conditioner.


These refer to the points which allow air into the rooms. They are usually connected to the floors or walls and sometimes in ceilings. Supply registers deliver cool or warm air while the return vents draw air in the room back to the home HVAC system for it to be re-cooled or re-heated.


This is the component that controls the operation of the HVAC system. The programmable thermostats are usually set to maintain different temperatures at different times of the day and all the days of the week while the simple mechanical ones are set and maintain a specific temperature throughout

Can I Install an HVAC System By Myself?

Your reliable HVAC will eventually have to be replaced, as it will die out altogether or become too inefficient. Installing an HVAC is something that should only be attempted by a licensed HVAC professional. This is not a job for even the most ambitious do-it-yourselfer. This installation requires considerable knowledge of electrical work, sheet metal work, and some plumbing work. Installing a new furnace is a somewhat complicated process, and only licensed Dallas Plumbing Company professionals.

If you are switching from an electric furnace to a gas furnace (or vice versa), the project is even more complicated. Dallas Plumbing Company technicians undergo rigorous training after completing their Associates Degree and are trained to handle any contingency that comes up during the installation process.

The Installation Process

All gas and electrical must be turned completely off before any work is started. Leaving power or gas to the furnace unit on while uninstalling it is extremely dangerous and is not recommended under any circumstances. Once the utilities are turned off, it is safe to remove the old furnace. All gas supplies and wires need to be disconnected, and ductwork and vent pipes should be detached and removed. The Dallas Plumbing Company professional who removes your HVAC will be wearing gloves and protective gear to avoid any injuries.

If your existing furnace is connected to your AC unit, the connection will also have to be disassembled. Once the unit has been completely dismantled, and all the screws have been taken out of the base, the old furnace can be hauled out and recycled or discarded properly.

Preparing the Area for the New Furnace

The next step for the technician will be to thoroughly clean the area where the new furnace will be installed. If there is any dust in the area, it must be vacuumed up. You don’t want to spend all that money on a new furnace just to let it be contaminated with dust when you have it installed.

Once the area is entirely free of dust and debris, it is time for the technician to start installing your new unit. The pipes, wires, and ductwork will be connected to the new furnace. After that, the technician will connect the thermostat and turn the gas and power supplies back on. Now the technician can test the system and check the ductwork for leaks.

If you’re having a gas furnace installed it must also have all the gas supply lines inspected for leaks. All connections, even those to the AC unit must be checked. The system itself must also be carefully examined for carbon monoxide leaks and other gas emissions, which again, is something that must be done by an HVAC professional, as it requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

Leave it to the Professionals

As a homeowner, you should choose what type of furnace will best suit your needs. Once you select your unit, the rest should be left up to the pros. Removing your old HVAC and installing the new one is a big, dangerous job, and there are a countless number of ways it can result in serious injuries or expensive repairs.

The 411 on HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are important in making a house more habitable. In the computing industry, they are used to control the temperature in rooms where many computing devices are used such as server rooms. Whether being used in the commercial or residential setting, it is important to make sure that you purchase the right equipment that will suit your needs and still be effective.

Efficacy depends on various factors and most importantly, its energy consumption. So how do you make sure you buy the right HVAC system? Here are some of the factors you should consider when investing in an HVAC

The Cost VS Your Budget

This is an obvious factor that we apply when buying appliances in our homes and offices. It aims at making sure that we use the money well. But we should also consider the effectiveness of what you are buying.

Because you have a small budget allocated to HVAC equipment, does not mean you necessarily buy low capacity equipment whereas you need a heavy-duty HVAC system for your room. Therefore, the budget should be considered, but you need to first know what you need to get the right budget. For recommendations, you can talk to us through

The Size of Your Room

Never assume that any HVAC equipment will be suitable for your room. The size matters of course and in this case, it is the size of your room. Therefore, you should make sure that you get the size right and talk to your HVAC provider so that you get advice on the right capacity of HVAC that you should go for.

Most companies will go to HVAC suppliers and shop for the equipment like they do with stationery, and at the end of the day the equipment cannot serve them for long or in short it blows up because of overuse. Avoid this by making sure you contact a certified consultant to advise you on the right equipment.

Power Consumption and Environment Friendliness

Electricity bill is one among your home bills that you never like to hear about, and you would wish to avoid it completely. But how would you do this? Well, you can go for alternative sources of power like solar which are eco-friendlier. At the same time as you save on power bills, you are preserving the environment in a thousand ways.

Consult a specialist to advise on the right equipment that suits your use to avoid buying what you don’t need. Sometimes most clients end up buying high capacity heating system whereas they can buy lower capacity and still meet the expectation while conserving the environment. Avoid paying more by preferring solar-powered HVAC systems and consult a specialist to advise you on what you need.

HVAC systems are sold by different manufacturers, and only an experienced dealer can advise on the best. Secondly, you should confirm availability of spare parts and someone who can repair your HVAC system in case it is damaged.

The Best Dallas HVAC Installation Services

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), quality is the key to success. There is no room for compromise, in terms of efficiency and reliability. Otherwise, the result is bound to deteriorate the overall quality of life for those residing in the property. This is why you should be careful when choosing the best Dallas HVAC installation services.

Things to Benefit from

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems need to be properly installed, to provide maximum performance. Finding the right place where they can be installed is essential since it will allow the systems to offer 100% of their function. So, it is crucial for professionals to handle the installation, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

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In line with the latest guidelines regarding the environment, a new HVAC system can offer you an eco-friendly environment, while maintaining the most efficient temperature control.

This is of utmost importance since the danger of harming the planet is imminent and should be dealt with right away. Of course, it does not mean that your property (residential or commercial) should settle for less than high-quality systems.

There are various Dallas HVAC installation services you can choose from, depending on the customized needs and demands of your property. After a careful inspection of your property, the experts will suggest the most suitable solutions. These solutions will not only be in accordance with the safety and efficiency standards, but they will also be cost-effective and highly durable.

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Benefiting from the expertise of the pros will offer you peace of mind. Instead of worrying about the result, you can sigh with relief and rest assured that the outcome will be perfect. It is true that many professionals claim to provide services that they cannot live up to. This can be frustrating and make you fall off the wagon, in case you are left behind on a deadline.

However, with Dallas Plumbing Company you do not need to lose sleep. Their experience dates to 1903, making it one of the oldest and best-established companies in Dallas. Through these years, the seasoned professionals have managed to build their solid reputation, and they do their best to maintain it at the top.

They will never fail you, no matter how sophisticated or elaborate your requirements are. On the contrary, they will discuss with you the most fruitful solutions that combine ease of use, efficiency, and affordability. Since Dallas HVAC installation services are complex and are often mismanaged, it is of the essence to find the right pros to lift that burden off your shoulders.

You are more than welcome to ask for a quote and agree on the finest solution, whether you are interested in heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems. In the end, what matters most is that you enjoy the result with a big smile upon your face. And this is a commitment they take seriously at Dallas Plumbing Company.

Why is There Moisture in the Air Conditioner?

This question is a very common question in the Dallas Air Conditioning business.  The term air conditioning is used instead of the term air cooling because the air conditioning system does two things:  first, it cools the air and then second, removes the moisture from the air.

AC MoistureHave you ever experienced a warm, muggy, sticky day in Dallas?  It can be miserable because the air is holding a lot of water or moisture.

This condition is called humidity.  Early cooling systems did not account for the moisture in the air and thus did not do as good a job as for today’s air conditioners.

Air conditioner Vs Humidity

In Texas today, the modern air conditioner has an evaporator coil inside your house that blows air over the ice cold coils and cools your air.  When the air hits the ice cold coils, any moisture in the air attaches to the condensate coils and then runs down the surface to a collector pan.  The pan has a PVC pipe connected to it and runs the water outside or into your sewer system.

If you have ever had an ice cold drink served to you outside on a humid day you know what I am talking about.  You see, the moisture quickly forms on the outside of the glass and runs down to the napkin.  You can substitute the coil for your glass and the pan for your napkin and you have the exact same thing.  Without removing the water from the air inside your home, mold can grow, wallpaper can peel and you will sweat a lot more.  That’s a big bummer!

Units manufactured by Trane, Ruud, Lennox, Bryant, Carrier or Rheem all operate on the same principle.  Our trained technicians at Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning know how to handle problems with leaking or dripping air conditioning units in all Dallas area.

How to Get Your AC Unit Ready for the Texas Summer Season

You’re going to have to use your AC unit at some point in the Texas summer season. You must get it ready beforehand so it will stay active and functional for if possible. There are many things that can be done to help you get more out of your AC system.

Check the Filters

Start by looking at the filters in your AC unit. Make sure the filters are cleaned out. When the AC unit isn’t active, it may start to develop dust. By cleaning out the filters, you will avoid dust getting in the way, thus making it easier for the AC unit to work right.

Clean All Coils

carrier hvacCondenser coils in your AC unit can collect all sorts of things in the winter. They might collect leaves, bits of snow and much more. While it is best to have a cover over your AC unit so it doesn’t bear with these issues, the coils will still become dirty from dust and anything that sneaks through the cover.

The fan in your AC system will be right over a series of condenser coils. Make sure the AC unit is shut off and disconnected and then remove the coils to get them cleaned off. This is to get rid of any clogs or other problems inside them. If done right, it should be easier for the coils to be treated well enough.

You must especially keep the AC unit cleared out the right way if it is to run properly. It can be tough for this to work properly unless you are careful enough with it.

Look at Coolant Lines

All refrigerant and coolant lines must be inspected. Insulation around those lines can wear out over time. This causes the lines to stop being as useful as they could be. Therefore, you must get your AC unit fixed up by having all coolant lines in your properly replaced as soon as possible.

Foam insulation sleeves can be applied onto your coolant lines. These will keep the cool air in. of course, any cases where your coolant lines are broken will require you to get them replaced altogether. A professional should help you with this process if needed.

Test Regularly

You must get a full test of your AC unit to ensure that it isn’t working improperly. You must test it based on how much air it is generating and how it flows around your property. You don’t have to push it to its extremes but you should at least look and see if there are problems with how it conducts energy and produces cool air. This is to see that there are no problems with the setup running in any manner. This also helps you figure out what can be done to fix your setup if needed.

What Causes Many HVAC Repair Needs?

What Causes So Many Problems That Require HVAC Repair Needs?

There are many times when you might need to get your HVAC system repaired. Here are a few of the causes of some of the more common problems that might come about within your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation ( HVAC) system.

A Lack of Hot Air

commercial hvac servicesWhen your HVAC system is not getting enough hot air, it often comes from a gas connection not working well. The gas valve meter should be checked to see if it is working properly.

You would have to contact your gas company to see what fixes might have to take place to get your HVAC system working again.

The ducts in your home might also be a problem. You should check to see if the ducts need to be cleaned out.  If not, that should be done immediately.

A Lack of Cool Air

You might not be getting enough cool air because your HVAC system is not taking in warm air from inside your home and moving it outside. Your HVAC system should take in enough air from inside and exchange it with cool air generated by that unit. When this does not work, you will need to get help with repairing the exchanger.

No Air Flow

The air filters in your home might be a factor that keeps air from moving around your HVAC system. When your filters are not working, or are clogged, they will keep air from moving through properly. You will need to get your filters cleaned off or replaced to keep the air flow in them from being a problem.

In some cases, a dirty coil might be a problem. When heating and cooling coils in your system aren’t clean, they can suffer from too much pressure. This, in turn, makes it harder for them to start functional.

The System Keeps Running

There might be times when your system keeps on running even at points when you don’t want it to. When this happens, it is usually due to the thermostat not working right. The thermostat might be improperly set. Otherwise, in some cases, it might not be sensed as well as it should.

You might need to get the sensors in your thermostat checked. The sensors should be tested and repaired to see that they can work right. At this point, the sensors should be examined to see that there are no problems with how your heater works.

Make sure your HVAC system is inspected regularly and that any problems are fixed as soon as possible. Any issues could keep you from feeling comfortable and can be damaging to your unit.

Reasons for Residential Heating Repair

What Reasons Do You Have for Residential Heating Repair Needs?

The needs that you hold for residential heating repair can be rather varied. You’ll have to get your HVAC system fixed up right if you have certain problems that can come about on occasion. These issues can be rather serious over time and can keep your system from running as well as it should.

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Filter Issues

The air filter in your residential heating system can become dirty over time. This makes it harder for air to circulate well. The limit switch responsible for controlling the fan inside your system might also be harmed by the excess materials inside your system.

Thermostat Not Working

You can contact a residential heating repair professional if the thermostat to your system is not working properly. A thermostat that isn’t working right could keep the fan in your system from working right. This can be a real problem if not handled well enough.

If the thermostat stops working, the heater might not work at all. This could keep a spot cold as the thermostat is not reading the ambient conditions in your area. This could be a threat that keeps the air quality in your home from being comfortable.

What About the Ignition?

The pilot control or ignition feature works electrically to get the system working right. When the ignition or pilot feature stops working, the system will not heat up as well as it should. This can create a real problem with regards to keeping your space comfortable.

When the Blower Keeps Running

The blower in your system might keep on running even when you don’t want it to run. When this occurs, you should get your system repaired. A limit switch in your system might not be working when the blower keeps on going.

When Sounds Come About

Any unusual sounds coming from your heater should be addressed immediately. Many of these sounds in your system are caused by factors like a mechanical part not working right or being dislodged. A burner might also be clogged up, thus being harder to operate. When these sounds occur, your system will not work properly. The system should be fixed properly to keep such problems from being worse than they already are.

Fast Cycles

The cycles that work within your system are important to its success. However, over time those cycles might be too frequent. They might become short or otherwise hard to maintain.

When the cycles go frequently and short, there is often an issue like air not flowing well or a limit switch not running right. These problems can cause your system to stop working right. You must get your system repaired as soon as possible if you come across such a problem in any case.

Contact your residential heating installation and repair service provider as soon as possible if you notice any problems in your system. You must get problems fixed right and as quickly as possible so any issues that come about will not be worse than they could be.

How Much to Spend on Commercial HVAC Installation?

Getting a new commercial HVAC system installed at your place of work can make a difference. You need such a system to help your business handle the intense conditions of the seasons. Even so, you must know what it will cost to get an HVAC system installed.

The expenses associated with getting a new HVAC system installed will vary by each location. You could spend thousands of dollars on getting one ready and with maintaining it for years to come.

How Big Is Your Space?

carrier hvacThe size of your commercial property is clearly the most significant point to review when figuring out the cost of getting an HVAC system installed. The number of square feet in your property should be reviewed to see just how strong a system should be. This is to prepare a system that runs efficiently.

Space should also be reviewed based on factors like how much sunlight can get into certain spots and if air might be at risk of moving into certain spots in your business. These areas might have different HVAC needs, what with natural sunlight directly influencing the conditions in some areas.

Space should also be measured based on how long the ducts for your system must go to reach certain spaces. You must spend more money if you have ducts that will go throughout the entire length of your business site.

What Are Your BTU Needs?

The British Thermal Unit or BTU, measurement for your HVAC system is critical. You should check on not only the space inside your property but also the risk of air from your system being lost as it moves outside. This could be lost due to doors opening and closing on a regular basis among other factors. You can use this to measure how much warm or cool air should be produced. The system will cost more if you need for BTUs added.

You need about one ton of power for every 600 square feet of space in your business site. One ton is equal to about 12,000 BTU. This equation can help you figure out how many tons your HVAC system must be based on your size.

How About Regular Service?

Be sure when choosing your HVAC system that you take regular repair and service into account. Look at how your system should be fixed based on cleaning or with replacing cooling or heating agents if any problems occur. Regular service is needed to help you get the most out of your system.

You must also look at your system based on how powerful it is. A stronger system typically must be maintained and fixed more often. This can be a real hassle if it is not treated properly enough.

Check carefully on how your commercial HVAC system is to be made so you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect out of your system as it is made ready.

5 HVAC Trouble Prevention Points

Preventative Points for Your HVAC System to Use

When getting an HVAC system ready in your home, you have to think carefully about how it is going to be set up and maintained. There are many things that can be done with prevention in mind.

These solutions will keep your HVAC system from being at risk of serious damages. They also make your HVAC unit work better without wearing out any faster than it has to.

#1- Keep Your Filter Controlled

carrier hvacA proper air filter is needed to keep your HVAC system working. An air filter should take in foreign air particles and keep them from getting into your vents or other features inside your HVAC unit.

The filter should be replaced every few months. It should also be cleaned out every month in between each replacement just to keep it working clearly and quickly.

#2- Keep Space Open

You need at least two feet of space around your AC unit at all times. This is to let it get in enough outside air without being crowded in a spot where it might potentially overheat in.

#3- Protect the Outside

The outside has to be protected well enough so it will not take in grass clippings while mowing your lawn or dead leaves from a tree. You might have to create a small fence area near one side of the HVAC unit if it’s near a spot that you will trim with a mower. You must also trim off any branches of nearby trees so the risk of leaves or other items falling into or on top of the HVAC unit will be reduced.

#4- Clear the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain in your HVAC system should be reviewed carefully. It must be cleaned out every year so it will not develop bacteria or other kind of dirt. A good mixture of bleach and water can be added to your HVAC system to make it easier for this to be cleaned out right although you will need to be careful when getting it ready to work.

#5- Check All Refrigerant Lines

You need to look at the refrigerant lines every month to see that they are working. These should not have any clogs in them. They should also be carefully insulated. This is to keep them from wearing out or struggling to work as well as they should. You’ll have to see that these are run properly without being harder to follow than necessary.

Remember, working hard with your HVAC system will help you to keep it functional and ready to take on anything. Be sure you check on your HVAC system regularly to see that it’s working fine and that there will not be any problems coming out of it. This will make a real difference when done correctly and without problems.