Does My Ductwork Need Replacement?

Homeowners often don’t pay much attention to the ductwork that runs through their home unless a problem is detected.  Ductwork is generally hidden and is the main reason why it doesn’t get required attention from owners. Ducts are an essential part of any HVAC system and deserve your attention. Do you know whether ductwork installed in your home is in healthy state or not? In this blog we’ll discuss some common signs that you should look for to assess whether your home needs an air duct replacement.

  1. Age of Duct: Just like any other system, ductwork also starts deteriorating over time. However, with proper upkeeping, and maintenance, lifespan of ducts can be enhanced. In case your ductwork is more than a decade old, it is advisable to replace your ducts. We recommend scheduling periodic inspections and considering replacement if frequent repairs are required.
  2. Airflow Status: Check the airflow level of your ducts. Clean and healthy airducts enhances the efficiency and comfort level that you experience in your living area. Damaged, dirty, and clogged drains are the prime factors for inefficiency of your HVAC system and also puts undue strain on your entire system. In case you are experiencing limited airflow or find you’re A/C struggling, its time to opt for ductwork replacement.
  3. No Cooling/Heating:  Are you unable to experience the cooling impact of your HVAC system? Check out the filter and replace if required. In case your issue is still not resolved, the main issue underlying is with ductwork. Over the time, there can be wear and tear in ductwork in form of leaks and holes that allow cool air to escape before it reaches its destination i.e., your living area. Ductwork repair is a temporary yet costly affair. We recommend consulting a professional plumbing and heating company about your options.
  4. Dents Accompanied with Strange Noise: Over the time, dents may develop in your ductwork and can hamper the overall effectiveness of your system. In case you notice some odd noise in your system. It’s a warning sign that something is wrong. We recommend contacting a professional and expert plumbing company for immediate evaluation of issue and suggest remedial measures before it cause additional turbulence.
  5. Improper Installation: Faulty or poor installation is the prime cause of energy loss in transit. This scenario arises when homeowners pay for services of budget contractors that perform sub-par work which eventually leads to high energy use, system inefficiency and at last, but not least, complete failure of the system.  If your new unit is inefficient, it might be a faulty installation is the real culprit. Hire an experienced and licensed plumbing and heating company that can provide right solution.

For a complete check-up of your system, call the licensed professionals at 214-340-6300 in the Air Conditioning division of Dallas Plumbing Company.

Why Lowering Your Water Heater Temperature Is Necessary

When Dallas has a dip in the outside temperature, nothing can beat the feeling of a hot shower to feel warm and relaxed. We might take a water heater for granted, but the water heater has become an essential part of our daily lives. In this blog, we’ll discuss why it is important to lower your water heater temperature and how to do it.

  1. Safety: Your safety is of foremost importance. Most water heaters are pre-set at 140 degrees at the time of purchase. With such a high temperature, you are a risk for scalding or other serious burn injuries. We recommend setting the water heater temperature back to 120 degrees to minimize that risk.
  2. Cost-Savvy: You can save money as well as energy by just turning down the water heater temperature. You might be wondering how just turning the temperature knob can save money. According to the U.S Department of Energy, water heating accounts for 15 to 25 percent of energy consumption in an average home. Lowering the temperature on your hot water heater serves as an effective method of reducing monthly energy bills without sacrificing the hot water needed for washing or bathing. Savings are derived by reduction of standby loss i.e., the heat lost from water into the environment. We recommend setting the temperature to its lowest setting in case you are plan to be away for a longer duration of time.
  3. Sediment: Over the period of time due to the presence of hard water or other contaminants present in water, the water heater tank starts corroding. This can shorten the lifespan of your water heater.

How To Reduce Water Heater Temperature

Lowering down the water heater knob is an easy task. At the time of purchase, every water heater is comprised of an instruction manual along with a water heater unit.  Read the manual to locate the thermostat and other instructions. Most of the electric water heaters have two thermostats and both need to be adjusted. You can also use a thermometer to check the current temperature you’re your water. Rotate the thermostat back to 120 degrees. In case you want to save more on energy bills, go for tankless water heaters as tankless water heaters don’t store heated water but rather generate hot water only when it is needed.

Keep your home warm this winter by expert heating solution experts from Dallas Plumbing Company, a trusted name for plumbing, heating and air conditioning in Dallas since 1903. We work diligently with homeowners to provide them with exceptional water heating solutions. Call us at 214-340-6300 or contact us to book an appointment.

Hybrid Water Heater Vs Tankless Water Heater: Which Is Better?

Due to the availability of varied types of water heaters in the market, Homeowners often feel confused when it comes to the selection of water heaters. All water heaters are not the same. They differ from each other based on size, iDue to the availability of varied types of water heaters in the market, homeowners often feel overwhelmed when it comes to the selection of water heaters. All water heaters are not the same. They differ from each other based on size, installation, and energy efficiency. In this blog, we’ll discuss how hybrid water heaters are different from tankless water heaters.

Hybrid Water Heaters

These are commonly known as heat pumps. These are fuelled by electricity only. Hybrid water heaters are unique in the way it heats the water. A hybrid water heater moves heat from the surrounding air into a converter that uses it to heat the water using a heat pump

  1. Power Saving & Efficiency: Hybrid water heaters are great for the home. This heater saves power by using the heat available from surrounding areas and pumping it into the tank to heat the water. Thus, in case you are a small family consisting of 4 members, you can save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. Large families tend to consume more water than an average small family. But, in a long run, large families can also make substantial savings by switching to a hybrid water heater.
  2. Installation: Installation of a hybrid water heater is an easy process and the heater is very thin. However, it should be stored in a climate-controlled area of your home i.e., a spacious utility room. Another good thing is that it shares the same connections just like any standard water heater.
  3. Lifespan: Average lifespan of a hybrid water tank is 13-15 years, which is nearly 3-5 years longer than the age of traditional standard water heaters available in the market.

Tankless Water Heaters

It is commonly known as an on-demand water heater as it depends on electricity or natural gas to heat water instead oIt is commonly known as an on-demand water heater as it depends on electricity or natural gas to heat water instead of storing the hot water. It is very common in every household. Just press the power switch and within a few minutes, your hot water is ready.

  1. Energy Savings & Efficiency: In contrast to traditional water heaters, tankless heaters are more energy efficient. They are quite popular among homeowners because of their efficiency. It will heat only that amount of water that you need, thus saving time and power. It is designed to heat about 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute which is sufficient to maintain hot water for all your daily needs. Tankless water heaters are cost-savvy for small as well as large-sized families that tend to use a lot of water.
  2. Installation: Size is an added advantage of tankless water heaters and can be easily mounted on the wall of your utility room or garage. However, installation of a tankless water heater will also depend upon whether your home uses gas burners or electric burners. Based on how much energy you wish to save, a professional plumber/technician will help adjust the flow rate.
  3. Lifespan: Tankless water heater is the real winner in terms of lifespan. Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years which is twice the lifespan of standard water heaters and nearly 5 years more than hybrid water heaters.

Final Conclusion

Both tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters are energy-efficient, cost-savvy, easy to install and have a good Both tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters are energy-efficient, cost-savvy, easy to install and have a good lifespan. For homes having only electric access for water heater and good open space, a hybrid water heater can be the best option. However, if you have space issues but easy access to gas as well as electricity, go for tankless water heaters.

To learn more about the differences between tankless and hybrid water heaters, call your trusted expert Dallas Plumber today! Dallas Plumbing Company is committed to offering high-quality plumbing, water heater, and air conditioning services to the residents of Dallas, Texas since 1903.

Top 5 Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Have you ever faced issues with your bathroom plumbing? Imagine your life for a couple of days without a working shower, sink or toilet understanding whole plumbing system is quite complex. Here are a few plumbing tips that you should be aware of to keep your bathroom afloat.

  • Say ‘No’ To Chemical Drain Cleaners: Avoid using a chemical drain cleaner to unclog any clog in bathroom. Chemical drain cleaners offer instant solution. By using such cleaners you’ll be able to help your drain flow a little bit easier for the time being. These are harsh in nature & eventually the clog will return & you’ll end up hurting your drain in entire process.
  • Clog Fixing: Got a clog? Schedule an appointment with expert & professional plumber to fix it. There’s no shortcut. Using DIY tips & tricks is not advisable. Stay away from using chemical drain cleaners. Instead of pulling out (Plunger) & elbow grease. Call for a professional plumbing expert to resolve the issue.
  • Regular Maintenance: Take good care of your faucets, toilet & showerhead. Due to regular use all these accessories are prone to wear and tear. Look for any leakage or flushing issues in your toilet. In case of any squeaky, rusty or non-functional faucet, seek professional help. Make sure that your showerhead is clean and clear. Incase a white crust is formed, remove it to improve the flow of water.
  • Know What to Flush: You can’t flush anything in toilet bowl except toilet paper & waste. Wet wipes, tissues or trash may seem fine to flush. But in reality, this stuff can put your plumbing system at risk. Keep your bathroom plumbing happy & in shape by avoiding these substances.
  • Replacement of Outdated Unit/Accessory: Is your toilet old & you want a new unit for your home? Don’t shy and invest in buying a new unit. Replace your outdated unit/accessories with high quality & branded products and keep your bathroom in good shape.

Dallas Plumbing Company is an expert name for all your plumbing, heating & air conditioning needs since 1903. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial plumbing services at competitive rates with no compromise on quality. Check out our range of plumbing and heating and other services.

What Are Common Items That You Should Never Put Down The Drain?

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Have you ever noticed the hollow gurgle sound while doing dishes? This could signal a clogged drain. A properly working sink and drain is not to be taken for granted. In order to maintain a clean and healthy kitchen, be aware of items that you put down the drain. Clogged sinks are common. However, keeping track on certain items that you put down the drain, can help you minimize the clogging of your sink. Here we’ll discuss about certain items that you should never put down the drain.

  • Oil & Grease: Sometimes people put grease & oil down their sinks without knowing the damage it can cause to sink. Grease and oil can congeal and can create water resistant blockage that will require some serious plumbing action to get rid of it. Don’t directly throw away grease and oil (including salad dressing & other toppings) down the sink instead place such materials in disposable cans or jars and dispose of somewhere else.
  • Coffee Grounds: A good cup of coffee is a daily regime for many people. So, what do you with the coffee grounds after you have brewed?  If your coffee brewing machine is near the sink, you might be tempted to wash away those grounds down the drain. We recommend that you resist this temptation to put them down the sink and make it a habit to dispose of those grounds in the trash or compost. Coffee grounds are not fully soluble in water and if these come in close contact with a developing grease clog it can cause a serious plumbing issue that will require a professional plumber.
  • Flour: Flour is an everyday food staple and is used in making bread, pizza dough, sauces, and much more food items. To keep your sink clog free, do not pour flour down the drain. If you pour flour down the drain, it will come in contact with water and you will risk the flour mixture gumming up your pipes and creating a clog. It is advisable to throw away any leftover flour into trash can.
  • Rice & Pasta: Both pasta and rice are favorite food items for kids as well as adults. Both of these food items are fairly small in size in their dry state however once you combine them with water, they grow substantially. If you throw pasta and rice down the drain, they’ll combine with water and potentially create a stubborn clog. These starches do not belong in your kitchen drain. Throw away your leftover pasta and rice in the trash to try to avoid having to call a Dallas Plumber.

These are some everyday use kitchen items that most of us are unaware are harmful to pour down the drain.  When these items inadvertently end up in your sink, you risk having to call professional help. By paying attention to safe disposal of kitchen waste, you can prevent the clogging of sink and drains.

No matter how careful you are with your kitchen sink, at some point clog can become inevitable and you’ll need professional help to fix it.  Looking for a trusted plumbing company in Dallas? Since 1903, in Dallas and surrounding areas, Dallas Plumbing Company has been a trusted and reliable name for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial water heating services at competitive prices and with no compromise on quality. Check out our range of plumbing and heating as well as other services.

Is Your Plumbing Winter Ready?

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Winter is around the corner and it is the smart time to winterize your plumbing. Forecasters don’t expect another Snowmaggedon this season, but you never know what to expect in Texas. As a home or business owner, you can save yourself a lot of expense and trouble later by preparing your home or business now before the temperature drops.

  1. Insulate Water Pipes: Water pipes generally run above or below the insulation in the attic in houses built prior to 1990’s. These can freeze in icy weather. Pipes in the crawl space under a pier and beam foundation, and those on a North-facing outside wall also have exposure to freezing cold. Water in an exposed pipe can freeze & lead to a pipe burst. On the other hand, if your water pipes are well insulated you can save on energy as well as monthly electricity bill. Cover outside faucets, and close any open vents on the side of your foundation.
  2. Vent Replacement: As recommended by Mark Wissler, Master Plumber at Dallas Plumbing Company, all home owners and building managers should carefully survey the perimeter of the house, apartment or office building to identify areas where air can flow through or into. Unsealed windows and doors are particularly important. When was the last time you checked your attic or foundation vents? If vent covers are missing, they should be replaced. Foundation and attic vents should always have air flowing through them-throughout the year. Proper vent coverings play a vital role in preventing moisture issues, mold and freezing.
  3. Locate Your Main Shutoff Valve: Did you know you have a main shutoff valve to all the water flowing into your home? This valve is located between the main water meter near the street or alley. Most main shutoff valves are located outside the structure and away from it at least several inches. It often looks like a handle and could be covered. Identify the location of main shutoff valve of your home. This will save time and cost any time you have a leak or burst pipe. If a valve key is required, make sure it is placed at an easy and accessible location. With the onset of freeze, shut off the main valve. If you cannot find the shutoff valve, you can turn off the water meter in some cases, but you will need a special key tool to do so. Make sure that all the faucets are turned on so as to drain off any remaining water from the system. Early preparation gives you an extra edge in dealing with all water related issues.
  4. Hire a Licensed Plumbers: Hiring a licensed plumber means hiring a plumber who has certain level of skill and up to date know how of Texas plumbing code and laws. Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners have taken thorough measures to increase the number and availability of qualified plumbers across the state. If you have any difficulty finding a licensed plumber, visit and look for the “Interactive Plumber Locating Map.”

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Top 5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Fall

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Are you all geared up for Fall? With the beginning of Fall officially, it’s time to focus on your seasonal plumbing maintenance tips. Winter is still far off but it is best time to start your winter preparation. In this blog we’ll discuss tips that will help you prepare for upcoming colder months in order to ger your home safe and ready for winter.

  1. Outdoor Water Hoses & Faucets: During colder temperatures, water inside the hose tends to freeze and expand. Expansion in any connected pipes and faucets inside can lead them to freeze and break. To prevent any such situation, it is advisable to disconnect, drain of any remaining water from all the outsides water hoses and simply store all hoses in a dry area. Once you are done with hose removal, inspect all the outdoor faucets for any leaks or drips. Fall is the ideal time to repair any leakage or other plumbing issues. A leaking faucet can cause water damage and other plumbing issues during onset of winters. Once all your outdoor taps are checked & fixed, cover them up and insulate them using a styrofoam insulation kit.
  2. Interior Valve Shut-Off: Most of the homes are equipped with an interior shut-off valve that is generally connected to outside faucets and plumbing. Interior valve should be shut off and outdoor faucet valve should be kept open and ensure that there is no water left in the line that can freeze and cause other plumbing issues.
  3. Complete Insulation: Identify the non-heated areas of your home and pipelines located in those areas. It is advisable to ensure that all pipes in such areas are fully insulated. This will protect your pipes from freezing during cold winters.
  4. Sealants: When any pipeline enter your home, gap between the walls and pipes is a common thing. Over the period of time, these gaps become a gateway for cold air penetration. This can lead to freezing of pipes and an upsurge in your utility bills. Review all areas of your home and use high quality sealants, weather stripping, insulative material, caulking etc. to seal these gaps.
  5. Water Heaters: With the onset of winter, water heaters tend to use a lot of power and work harder to provide the same level of hot water. To keep your water heater running efficiently, it is advisable to completely flush the water tank to remove any sediment built up, residues, etc. which might hinder heat transfer.

Your plumbing system deserves regular maintenance. Looking for a trusted plumbing company in Dallas? Since 1903, in Dallas and surrounding areas, Dallas Plumbing Company has been a trusted and reliable name for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial water heating services at competitive prices and with no compromise on quality. Check out our range of plumbing and heating and other services.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Repipe Your Home

HVAC units and appliances to roofsEvery home need maintenance including the most well-built homes. From your HVAC units and appliances to roofs, everything needs proper upkeep, repair, or replacement over a certain period of time. The same hold true for pipes that carry water in your home. Water is of utmost importance for every household and in recent years, water quality has become an alarming issue. Old, dirty, corroded, and damaged pipes are the main reasons for degraded water quality. If construction of your home has become more than 10 years old, or if you’ve noticed following signs, it’s the time to consider repiping your home.

  1. Foul Smell or Taste of Water is Bad: Clean water is free from any sort of odors and is tasteless. However, when tastes off or some strong foul smell is coming it implies that water is tainted with dirt, debris, rust, any other impurities that might be coming from your home’s pipes. It is advisable to call a Dallas plumbing Expert to survey your pipes’ condition and analyze the cause and best solution for your problem.
  2. Water Appears to Be Murky, Red or Brown: Clean water is fully transparent and has no color of its own. In case the color of water at your home appears to be murky or reddish brown, the condition of your pipes is to be blamed for it. Sometime discoloration of water is not noticed until the utensils/appliances in which water is stored begin to discolor as well. If you have noticed any discoloration in water or any surface that comes in contact with water, hurry up an contact Dallas Plumbing professionals.
  3. Frequent Noisy Sounds: Occasional sounds are common for every household be it whistling of winds through attic, floorboard, appliance cycling through their power functions, etc. However, in case you have noticed some creaking, shifting, or banging sound, the sound is probably coming from the old pipes of your home. Such sounds grow louder over time and are prone to further damages.
  4. Leakage: In order to maximize profits, some builders often use low quality lower cost pipes which tend to develop leaks after few years. Occasional leaks at few spots may require small repair but in case of frequent leaks, it is advisable to pay immediate attention and go for replacement of pipes.

Stop ignoring and get your pipes inspected and replaced. Various factors such as age, poor-quality materials, damage, corrosion, or intrusion from roots tend to get worse with time. This leads to failure of bad pipes at home, putting your home at risk of flooding, which can cause significant and extremely expensive damage. Don’t wait until your pipelines become a ticking time bomb. Contact Dallas Plumbing Company, your trusted local plumbing company serving Dallas and nearby area since1903. Contact us today for a free plumbing estimate.

How Commercial Air Conditioning Services Can Help You Prevent AC Breakdowns During Summer?

Is your air conditioner working efficiently? Are you struggling to set your AC or thermostat to a certain temperature to get the same degree of cooling? Or you might find your AC to be a little noisier or blowing in the dusty air. These are some initials signs indicating that your AC needs proper care. Here we’ll discuss how hiring commercial air conditioning services can help you prevent any potential AC breakdown during summers.

A New Installation Isn’t The End Of Road

Purchasing an air conditioner and getting it installed at home might serve your purpose initially, but you should get it serviced regularly on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. Get an AC service contract and the contractor will call you up and remind you when service is due, set up an appointment, and will visit you to make sure that everything is going well with your AC.

AC Servicing is More of Like A Routine Check-up

AC servicing is much similar to visiting your doctor for a routine check-up. Your health is of utmost importance for your wellbeing that’s why you should keep visiting your doctor on a regular basis. Routine check-ups help the doctor to figure out anything wrong with your health and it acts as preventative care.

A Preventive Combat Against Potential AC Breakdown

Hiring an AC service will help your contractor to figure whether your AC is working fine or not. A bit of cleaning coupled with servicing can work wonders in maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioner system at your home. “Prevention is better than cure” is a popular saying and is advisable to implement to prevent any potential AC breakdown during the scorching summer heat.

Dallas Plumbing Company is a trusted name for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning solutions across Dallas and nearby areas since 1903. Why look beyond when you can get high-quality impeccable services at your doorstep at affordable rates. Contact us to schedule your air conditioning service today.

Top 5 Benefits of Water Jetting

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Regular maintenance of plumbing in Texas can be quite daunting especially when you have to deal with stubborn clogs. Some clogs are easy to fix using a plunger or a drain cleaner while some are too stubborn and are hidden deep somewhere in your home’s pipelines or the main sewer line. However, you can fix each clog of your own. For intense clogging issues, you may need to seek professional help. Here we will discuss how water can prove beneficial for your plumbing:

How Water Jetting Can Benefit Your Plumbing?

Clogs are a common plumbing issue, however, if left untreated these can be a cause of potential damage to your plumbing. No matter how well maintained is your home and plumbing, household debris, etc. can still be accumulated inside your plumbing. That’s you need an effective way to clean and clear your drains and pipelines. Using a drain cleaner or a snake is one of the most prevalent methods for drain cleaning. But in reality, these are not as safe & effective as water jetting.

  • Effective & Efficient Way of Drainage Cleaning: In the water jetting method; a high-pressure hose is used to blast water through the plumbing lines to clear any obstacles and obstructions inside your pipe without causing any damage to your plumbing.
  • Cost Effective: Initially the cost involved in water jetting may cost you more in comparison to the cost incurred in other cleaning methods. However, it can save money in the long run because you might not have to spend to replace cracked pipes or fix leakages.
  • Clean Plumbing Method: Plumbing pipeline and sewer lines may contain toxins. In traditional methods, there are high chances that your plumber may come in contact with these containments. However, with water jetting your plumber can do the same job in less time. With it, it you won’t necessarily have to dig underground or cut your walls to get access to the plumbing.
  • Eco Friendly Method: Common DIY drain cleaning method involves using chemical drain cleaners that are toxic for your body and environment. While using a water jet, that only uses water, the obstacles causing the clog gets flushed out.
  • Early Warning Signals for Future Problems: Professional plumbing companies often use camera inspections to detect any other potential problem before it gets worse. Using the water jetting method, issues can be identified before it becomes a major issue.

Your plumbing system deserves regular maintenance. Looking for a trusted plumbing company in Dallas? Since 1903, in Dallas and surrounding areas, Dallas Plumbing Company has been a trusted and reliable name for all your heating and air conditioning needs. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial water heating services at competitive prices and with no compromise on quality. Check out our range of plumbing and heating and other services.