5 Most Common Home Heating Problems

5 Most Common Home Heating System Problems You Might Encounter

When getting your home heating system under control, you will more than likely come across various problems that keep your system from working properly. These common problems can be a real burden to your property if not treated right. The five issues here should be fixed as soon as possible to keep any hassles in your home from being worse than they might be.

#1-Dirty Filter

commercial hvac servicesThe filter in your heating system is responsible for collecting dust and old compounds that get into your heater. When the filter becomes dirty, it becomes harder for the system itself to stay functional.

The system will require more power just to stay active. In addition, the air that goes through your system will be at risk of being far too dirty and otherwise hard to handle. This can be a real concern when handled improperly.

#2-Air Not Circulating Right

The air in your home might not be circulating the right way in some cases. The air might stop working well due to a fan motor or belt not working right. This could keep air from moving into certain spots in your home.

Sometimes the air might not move right due to the vents in your home being clogged or dirty. The air will not move clearly and carefully through some spots depending on any problems that might have come across within your vents.

#3-Ignition Problems

The system pilot and ignition control are responsible for turning your system on and off. When the system works right, it will be easier for you to get the warm air needed in your home.

When these features are not fully functional, your system will stop working as well as it should. The heat cycles will be intermittent at this point. They might not even work at all depending on how your setup is run.

#4-Broken Thermostat

The thermostat in your heating system is responsible for regulating the total amount of heat that should be generated within your property. You must get a proper thermostat working and even programmed to make your system work at an appropriate time.

Even so, the thermostat might stop working in some cases. The thermostat will stop functioning due to a weak connection or from the heat not moving through your home properly. The entire system must be checked alongside your thermostat to see if there is a problem in your home and to get an idea of what should be fixed.

#5-Leaks in the System

Sometimes a leak might cause your system to stop working right. When the system weakens, air can move out from your system or vents. This keeps the air from circulating properly. Sometimes you might have to turn the heat up in your property just to get enough warm air to move around right. This can be a concern that keeps your system from running right and could cause you to use more energy than needed.