How much does air conditioner replacement cost

If the duct of your air conditioner is making a lot of noise or you are experiencing stale air, then you should pay attention to it. This could probably mean that your existing air conditioner is not functioning properly and may require repair or even replacement.

Carrier AC replacementSometimes it is wiser to go for home ac replacement instead of repair. This is because after a certain point the air conditioners do not perform well even after repair. So, your money gets wasted in repair. At the same time, old and beat air conditioners consume a lot of power. Therefore, you will lose a lot of money over time.

The new air conditioners may cost you some money. But the modern air conditioners are designed to be very energy efficient. This means that you may need to put money up front for the purchase but over a period of time it will only save you money. So, how much does the air conditioner cost?

 Home AC Replacement Cost

The cost of the air conditioner replacement depends upon several factors. Primarily, the type of AC you buy decides the price. Here are some of the major factors.

Power Capacity

 It is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of an air conditioner. The power capacity of the air conditioners is measured in tons or kilowatts. For laypeople, ‘ton’ is the more familiar word. The residential air conditioners are available from 1 ton to 5 tons. In kilowatts it is the range from 3KW to 20KW.

The larger the power capacity, the more expensive will be the air conditioner. The choice of power capacity while buying an AC is dependent upon the size of a room and insulation. For instance, if there is a very small room then a 1 ton AC would be enough. However, for large sized rooms you may need more power capacity. If the room is too big then you may need multiple ACs.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another factor that determines the cost of the AC. SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rates the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. We will not get into any further technical details. What we need to know is that higher the rating of the AC, the costlier it will be. Investing in a high quality air conditioner with higher energy rating is a good move. This is because initially it will cost more but over time it will save you a lot of money.


The price of the AC is also dependent upon the brand. The more popular and trusted brands cost more.

Besides the cost of the AC itself, you will also want to include the cost of labor and spare ac replacement parts during replacement. Installation charges are often significant and they may be a deciding factor for many.

What is HVAC Replacement?

 HVAC Replacement

In the simplest words, HVAC replacement means parting ways with your old HVAC units and getting a new one in its stead. HVAC replacement does not necessarily have to be a complete replacement. HVAC system has two separate units – air conditioning and boiler and furnaces unit. Air conditioning keeps you cool in summers and boilers keep you warm in winters.

Do I Need Repair or Replacement?

commercial hvac servicesSometimes, major or minor components of the system may need to be replaced. But if you are just replacing certain components, it is basically a repair. The true replacement is when the entire HVAC unit is renewed (considering cooling and heating units as separate).

So, how do you know it is the time for the replacement? HVAC is a pretty sturdy and robust system. Therefore, identifying the right time for the replacement could get a little difficult.

 Expected Life of an HVAC Unit

Some people do not know that the manufacturer of the HVAC system also specifies its expected service life. According to them, when that time has passed, the HVAC unit must be replaced. But sometimes your system seems to be fully functional and you see no reason to meddle with it.

This is where you will need to think a little differently. The expected service life is about ten years for the HVAC system. It means that it has already served you enough. While it may seem that it is doing a good job, in reality it might be costing you much more than you expected in terms of energy consumption.

Sometimes your HVAC system will give you clear or subtle indications that the time for the replacement has come.

 What if I Have a Furnace?

If you are using a furnace that is gas-fired then its most important component is heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed to let the transfer of heat from the gas burner take place. This heat is then circulated through the entire HVAC system. If there is even small damage to the exchanger, you will want to get it replaced immediately.

Heat exchangers sustain damages in the form of holes and cracks. Over time, after prolonged use, the heat exchangers become more prone to damages. They have the endurance capacity and if they get heated beyond that they will get damaged. This is something that is quite common when the HVAC is old. However, if the filter is not cleaned properly, it will get damaged much earlier.

Rusting is a Problem 

Rusting is another big culprit causing the damage to the heat exchangers. The rusting is caused when the humidity and moisture level in the area are high. Sometimes, when the furnace of the heating unit is too close to the AC it also causes the rusting of the exchanger.

As far as air conditioning unit is concerned, if you hear too much noise from the duct or the cooling is not effective, it could be the time to go for replacement.

Dallas HVAC Service, Repair and Replacement Service

The Best Dallas HVAC Service, Repair and Replacement Service Works for All Parts

Your air conditioner contains an extensive variety of parts. Each one will play its part in making your HVAC system work properly. A Dallas HVAC service provider should offer only the best possible solutions for all of these parts. A great HVAC specialist can work with your individual unit and get anything that keeps it from running fixed up properly. This can make a real difference when trying to keep your home cooled off during the difficult summer months.

The Compressor Is Important

The most important thing that your HVAC service provider can help you with is your air conditioner’s compressor. The compressor refers to the item that generates the power needed to cool off your home. The AC unit will not work if the compressor is dead. With that in mind, your service provider needs to know how to fix up your compressor so it will not wear out over time.

Coils Must Be Checked

The coils in your unit will help transfer energy. This allows the fans and coolants to work properly. Coils can wear out from all that use over time though. Your specialist must know how to fix the coils in your home.

Check the Fan

The fan is critical as it allows the cool air that is generated by the AC unit to move around the house. The fan must be properly aligned so it can get the air moved out the right way.

A fan that isn’t running well enough can cause the air to move improperly. In addition, it might generate too much noise if it’s not aligned properly. Fortunately, a repair or replacement specialist can help you get a new fan ready if needed.

What about the Condensing Unit?

The condensing unit helps by taking in coolant and making it active. This is needed to get the air that is generated cooled off. The condensing unit must be able to take in enough coolant while also working effectively. You have to avoid using condensing units that aren’t fully organized or arranged.

A specialist can help you by replacing the condensing unit in your air conditioner as needed. The unit may be tested or recalibrated if needed. Sometimes you might need added coolant or you might even have to get your coolant flushed out as well. No matter what you need, you have to check to see that your condensing unit is organized properly. A specialist can help you to fix it up as needed.

Every part in your air conditioner plays a key role in making it work. Be sure to check with an HVAC specialist in the Dallas area to see how you can get your unit fixed up right. The best service can make all the difference when chosen right. This is to make your air conditioner a little easier to handle.

Choosing The Best Dallas Air Conditioning Repair Service

Choosing the Best Dallas Air Conditioning Repair Service for Your Home

There are plenty of Dallas air conditioning repair service options for you to choose from. Not all options are right though.

You have to compare options as well as possible. You need to take a careful look at many points relating to individual repair specialists in the area.

How Does the  AC Unit Inspection Work?

You should consult an AC repair provider to learn more about how one’s overall inspection process works. The inspection should entail many points relating to how the coils, fans and other features in the unit work. The connections that your unit has to different ducts should also be seen.

A professional has to be thorough. The person must look through every item that is within your unit. This will help to see what needs to be done in your setup.

Check For Licenses

A repair service has to be fully licensed and bonded. A license states that someone can legally work on your air conditioner. This proves that the person knows how to make it work right.

A good service could even be certified to sell or maintain particular AC models. It is easier to trust people who know how many popular models work.

On a related note, the insurance that a service has should also be checked upon. Insurance ensures that you will not be held liable for any damages.

ASK For References

You should see what references an AC specialist has. References come from prior clients. These include both private home references and larger business referrals.

These references will show you how someone has done enough for a variety of clients. You have to choose a good specialist that has experience and enough references. This is to give you a clear idea of how well someone will work for you.

No Pressure Needed

Finally, you should not pressured into making a selection that you cannot afford to handle. The problem with some AC specialists is that they might suggest that you get a totally new AC unit. They will pressure you into doing this by warning you of various risks. However, your AC unit might not be old enough. It might still work perfectly after a regular repair is done.

You might not actually have to get a new model. Sometimes just one part is all you need. However, some people will try and tell you to get a new AC unit altogether just to get more money.

A suitable repair specialist will tell you what needs to be fixed or replaced. You can always ask about other services later on. Anything outside of what you really need should be optional.

The options for an AC repair service in Dallas are varied. Be careful when choosing one for your demands. A great AC unit can last for a while if you choose the right repair specialist.