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If you need plumbing services, our company can lend you a firm helping hand. We provide a variety of services ranging from simple faucet leaks to more complex bath and kitchen remodeling. Because of our excellent values and our exceptionally qualified plumbers, we will provide you with the very best service to restore your system to optimal performance.

Our Dallas Plumbing Services

Dallas Plumbing CompanyThe diversity of our services is one of our prides. Not only do we attend to faulty faucets, sinks and toilets, but we also offer drainage cleaning to prevent drain blockage. In addition, we provide boiler or water heater maintenance services so you never have to suffer the inconvenience of cold water in freezing weather.

Furthermore, if you need your dishwasher or your washer or dryer installed, we are the right people for you. Our meticulous team will ensure that these are installed perfectly so you do not suffer a future malfunction. And of course we can provide immaculate bath and kitchen remodeling if your desire is to renovate these parts of your house.

Dallas Pluming Company Values

At the very top of our list of values is quality. In fact, we view every job as an opportunity to live up to this value. Our teams follow an extensive and comprehensive list of rigorous guidelines to ensure the safety and efficient repairs. For this reason, you can be sure that we will provide the very best service we can offer each time you call upon us for your plumbing needs.

Also near the top of our list of values is integrity. You can be assured that we will inform you of any weaknesses or causes of concern that we discover in your system so that you are not burdened by constant needs for repair. Because you are our valued client, we have your best interest at heart even if it might mean loss for us. If we see it necessary we will provide you with any necessary advice on how to keep your plumbing at optimal function. Our sincere appreciation for you is actually revealed even in the appearance of our teams, who always look clean and uniformed to protect the inner flooring of your house, demonstrate this.

We’ve Been Providing Plumbing Services Since 1903

Our company is blessed with professionals who are not only highly qualified but also experts in their fields. All our plumbers boast years of experience and training that allows them to provide excellent services. All of professionals are licensed. It comes with no surprise that they always receive positive reviews from customers.

Our Plumbing Promise

As part of our commitment to excellence, we work on a 100% customer satisfaction principle. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our work, you are allowed to contact us at any time to that we may reassess the problem. We promise that if you choose our company for your plumbing repairs, you will receive quality service that you will not regret requesting. If you have any current plumbing needs, do not hesitate to Call us today!

Prevent Frozen Pipes | Dallas Plumbing Company | February 24, 2015


If you live anywhere near DFW you are certainly experiencing the effects of the recent freezing weather! WFAA’s weather forecast system is predicting the following areas will receive more snow, sleet and rain tonight with the low temperatures dipping below freezing, again!

February 24, 2015 Weather Report

Freezing Weather Report by WFAA for the DFW Dallas Fort Worth area on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. Snow, Sleet and Freezing Temperatures.

While the kiddos may be excited about another “Snow Day”, the adults of the house worry about things like freezing pipes! Here are a few tips to keep your plumbing in working order.


1. Disconnect all outdoor hoses.

2. Add covers to all outdoor spigots.

3. Allow all faucets to drip throughout the night. Open both the hot and cold stems.

4. Open cabinet doors to expose plumbing, especially in rooms facing the exterior walls of the home.

5. Wrap pipes near exterior walls with blankets or towels for extra insulation.

6. Keep the heat in your home above 65 degrees, even if you plan on leaving.

7. Check for drafts and seal off open areas. Even a temporary fix (example: towel under the door) can be a big help!

Tip and Tricks to help prevent frozen pipes brought to you by Dallas Plumbing Company and Kitchens and Baths Designer Showroom! Emergency Plumbing Tips to help you save time and money.

Tip and Tricks to help prevent frozen pipes brought to you by Dallas Plumbing Company and Kitchens and Baths Designer Showroom! Emergency Plumbing Tips to help you save time and money.

These tips should help prevent any freezing! If you do experience frozen or burst pipes, call your local experts, Dallas Plumbing Company for emergency service! 214.340.6300

Should I Hire a Plumber?

You hear drip, drip, drip as you stand near your kitchen sink. A small sound that swells in your ear with each drop. Your mind starts to race…is this a small problem or am I going to need to hire a plumber?

See Your Pluming Problem Symptoms

cloggged toiletNo one likes to hear a dripping faucet, a clogged toilet or see water standing instead of draining from a sink, but it is a fact of life that sooner or later plumbing problems will occur. Before you panic about costs, take a couple of deep breaths and access the problem.
Plumbing problems can come in a multitude of symptoms. Whether or not you need a pro will be determined by what you find.

Hot Water Heater or Tank

No Hot Water is usually traced back to your hot water heater or tank. If your heater is electric, it may be a faulty part within the heater such as heating elements or a bad thermostat. A gas heater could be as simple as a check to make sure the pilot is still lit. If the entire heater has to be replaced, you should call in a professional plumber to handle the job.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes quickly become cracked pipes. If it’s just frozen, a hairdryer can help slowly thaw the problem. If you see water spewing out of the pipe, that means it already burst so you probably should start dialing the plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure could a sign of obstructions in the water line, a leak in the pipe or a problem from the city supply or a well. If you can’t eyeball the problem and detect leakage, you probably will need to call in a plumber who can quickly analyze the problem and help resolve it.

Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain could one of those problems you can easily fix yourself. If you have a snake handy to run down the sink or tub drain, you may be able to dislodge the hairball or obstruction. There are products to pour in the sink to dissolve clogs, but be sure to follow the package instructions. If these two options fail you, it might be time to bring in a pro.

Washing Machine Hoses

Washing Machine Hoses that burst can spew up to 500 gallons of water per hour, once that happens, the damage adds up quickly and can quite extensive. A little maintenance beforehand can avoid a major problem later. Check your hoses at least once a year and replace if worn or cracking.

Make sure to unplug the machine and turn off water supply before attempting to replace the hose. If properly maintained, you only have to replace your hoses every five years or so. Once a hose burst, you may need a professional plumber to handle it.

Maintenance is Key To Avoiding Big Plumbing Problems

Maintenance is the key to avoiding a big plumbing bill. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to handle replacing worn and faulty parts. Major plumbing repairs will require a plumber. Remember, not all plumbers are created equal or charge the same. Shop around and compare service costs and still get the best bargain.

Home Plumbing Flushing Out The Problems

DIY PlumbingCable and internet are some luxuries homeowners can decide if they want or not, plumbing isn’t a luxury—it’s a basic necessity. No matter how new or how old your house is, sooner or later we all run into plumbing issues.

Whether it’s a kitchen garbage disposal on the blink or a slow draining shower in the bathroom, a plumbing problem can disrupt your home sweet home. It’s frustrating and can be a costly problem when your plumbing goes out.

Here are some of the most common plumbing problems homeowners at one point or another:
Dripping Faucets: You’re trying to sleep and all you hear is “drip, drip, drip”. A leaky faucet can sound like a clanging symbol in the middle of the night. It’s a common irritation for homeowners. It could be a simple repair of replacing the washers or something more major.

Leaking pipes: You usually don’t discover this one until the damage is done. You open the under sink cabinet and realize the stored items are soaking wet from a leaky pipe. The damage can be extensive and expensive depending on the size and duration of the leak.

No Hot Water: You oversleep, wake up late and jump in the shower only to discover there is no hot water. The problem is probably your hot water heater and can range from a faulty pilot light on a gas unit to a temperature setting that is too low or it’s time to replace the heater.

Running Toilets: Much like a leaky faucet, this plumbing problem simply sounds like an annoyance, but it could also be running up your water bill.

Clogged drains– This is the second biggest problem with home plumbing and usually occurs in the kitchen. The cause is usually allowing large food particles or inappropriate items to slip down the drain resulting in a complete clog or slow drainage.

Plumbing Maintenance is Key

Certainly, maintenance will go a long way in preventing some problems. Make sure to run some checkups around pipes, water heater, faucets and toilets. Your eyes and ears will give the first clues that sometime is malfunctioning. Sometimes you can do-it-yourself and handle a problem by replacing a worn out washer or tightening a pipe. This will save you the cost of a service call and repair costs if you can handle it yourself.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Plumbing

If a simple DIY isn’t the solution, you’ll need to rely on a residential plumbing professional. If you don’t have a plumber, start with your inner circle of friends, family and co-workers for word of mouth recommendations. You can trust the people closest to you to give a pretty fair review of their plumbers. Try to get at least two or three plumbers to call and compare.

Know before you call that plumbing services can range from $45 to $125 per hour for various services like leak repairs or sewer line problems. Keep in mind also, that rate goes up if calling during off peak hours of operation like weekends, nights or holidays. Time is money, so keep pleasantries to a minimal and get the plumber straight to the problem and to work.

Plumbing Services That Solves Your Problems

Though it is usually recommended that people employ a professional plumber when repairs are needed around the home, there are some who are able to do such work themselves. Even so, they do need to have the best quality tools and products to ensure the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

Problems that You May Encounter Throughout the Home
• Water leakage – this could be from under the sink, faucet, tub, shower or toilet.
• Blocked drains – either inside or out.
• Leaking pipes or hose connections.
• Blocked toilets.
• Water heater repairs

Plumbing Parts and Tools To Get The Job Done Right

Dallas Plumbing ServicesWith the correct plumbing parts and tools, there are ways that a person can complete these repairs without the need of a qualified plumber. Certain areas within the home do need regular maintenance repairs to be carried out. So learning how to do this yourself can save time and money, especially if you have an emergency or wish to avert one.

There are many of online companies that stock plumbing parts for customers to purchase. However, it is always wise to do your research to ensure that you don’t choose a company with poor quality products. You can do this by reading the sites reviews to see what previous customers of theirs have written so you can make an informed decision.

A lot of plumbing companies in Dallas,TX provide plumbing parts, can also guide the customer through the repair process. Offering booklets with step by step instructions so that full repairs can be carried out successfully. They can also help you to select the correct tools required to complete the task.

Plumbing Parts For Home Improvement

There are a wide range of plumbing parts that are used around the house when home improvement repairs are required.

Some examples of these are listed below:
• Traps and drains
• Shut-off valves and supply lines
• PVC pipes and fixings
• Trim kits
• Putty
• Washers
• Tools

The type of plumbing parts that are needed will depend on the type of repair that has occurred, and its severity. It is always best to ask the advice of a qualified plumber if you are at all unsure before making any purchases or embarking upon the job yourself.

Dallas Plumbing Company For Home Improvements

Plumbing companies can also supply products to aid a customer if they are looking to upgrade rooms in their home. Whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, wet room or en-suite. Such things include:
Tubs and showers
• Sinks and faucets
• Sprayers and hoses
• Toilets and toilet seats

Call The Dallas Plumbing Pro’s at (214)340-6300

This is usually when the help of a professional is advised as some of the jobs that are required may be rather complex for someone who is not fully converse of the procedures involved. No-one wants their home to end up flooded while upgrading their plumbing parts.
Most plumbing companies that can be found online stocking parts carry a list of qualified plumbers for you if you don’t want to risk carrying out the works yourself.

When choosing a plumber you should always ensure that they are fully insured, and have the relevant qualifications needed to complete the job. Then you can be confident that any repairs or home improvements are carried out to the latest trends and standards within the plumbing industry.

Buy The Best HVAC Parts in Dallas, Texas

Anyone who uses HVAC machines knows that unless they are well taken care of, they cannot function well. Indeed, there are many problems that people go through just because they do not know how to maintain their machines. One of the most important things is to buy good HVAC parts. If you live near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, we can help you find the parts you need.

HVAC PartsA look at those that can be found in the stores shows that there are many types that a client can choose from.

What you need to know is that even though there are good ones, others may not even come close to what you need. Here are some of the factors to consider when making the choices.

 What Kind of HVAC System Do You Have?

 You need to understand that there are many types of machines that can be used for this purpose. You only need to see those that are available through both on and offline stores to understand that indeed, the list is almost endless. You therefore should start by knowing what is best for your specific kind of machine before you go ahead to purchase it. Do not just buy something because your friends have bought it. In fact, you will be baffled to find out that what is good for you is not even close to what others need.

 Go For Quality Plumbing and Heating Parts

 When looking for HVAC parts, you need to go for superior quality. This is because quality is the source of every other good thing that you can ever hope for. For instance, if you want the items to last long, you have no option but to go for top quality. You definitely do not want to keep going back to the stores every now and then just because you want to purchase these items. The good thing however is that regardless of where you come from, there always is many good quality parts to choose from at Dallas Plumbing Company in Dallas, TX.

Purchasing New HVAC Parts

 When buying these parts, you need to be sure of the quality that they are likely to add to your machines. There definitely is a problem that you want to solve by purchasing new HVAC parts and so, you need to ensure that they are the specific ones that can help you to get the best results. You should look at the overall performance that you will get from the machines after the parts have been replaced. If you notice that there is almost no value, it will be an indication that you should try something else.

 After you have found the right HVAC parts, the next task is to find a contractor who can fit them. You need someone who has a deep understanding of how these machines work and how best to repair them. Do not just hire anyone that you find in your neighborhood because you never know what to expect from them. In fact, you might just end up making the whole situation worse when you thought that you were doing a good thing. Before hiring a HVAC technician, it is important to look at what they are capable of.

Solve Dallas Commercial Plumbing Problems

We are here to solve your Dallas commercial plumbing problems

If your business is located in the Dallas, Texas area, Dallas Plumbing Company can help you solve your commercial plumbing repair issues. Are you experiencing some worrying plumbing problems in your company? Never fear. We are here to lend you a firm helping hand. We offer a variety of services to ensure your plumbing system is restored to optimal function.

Our services

Dallas Commercial PlumbingWe pride ourselves in the quality and variety of our services. We can, not only repair your leaky faucets and toilets, but we can also clean your drains so you never suffer the inconvenience of a blockage. At your request, we can also inspect your entire system to make sure there are no areas of weakness. Should you have any broken water mains or sewer lines, we can repair or replace those too.

We can further test install and repair backflow devices to keep water flowing in the right direction throughout your system. If your booster pumps also need some work, we can repair, replace or maintain them also so that you have good water pressure for upper level floors. Last but not least, we can design and install natural gas systems in your commercial area and also repair you malfunctioning gas pipes.

Our Values

Integrity and quality are at the top of our list of values. For this reason, we will perform each of our projects to the best or our abilities and leave your facilities functioning optimally. Indeed, our teams follow a rigorous and comprehensive list of guidelines to ensure the safety and efficiency of all repairs. It comes as no surprise that all our customers have only positive comments about our services. We perceive you as our valued client.

You and your business’s interests are our main priority. Adhering to our value of integrity, we promise to alert you of any potential problems or weaknesses’ we find in your system so that you can prevent problems before they occur. We will not leave your business at risk of downtime due to plumbing failure. We will also advise you on the best equipment and service that your system requires even if it means a loss for us.

Many Years of Pluming Services in Dallas

All our plumbers are experienced technicians who are experts in their fields. In fact, each one of them is licensed and insured. Our commitment to excellence means that we do not allow junior plumbers to work on their own. Junior plumbers receive extensive training before being deployed to do any service. Even then, they are still accompanied by our highly qualified professionals. These will use knowledge and from experience with hundreds of customers to give you excellent service.

Our Plumbing Repair Promise
We promise to leave your system functioning optimally every time you call upon our services. Also, because of our value for quality, we work on a 100% customer satisfaction principle. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our services, you are allowed to call our offices again so reassess the situation. We will then ensure that the problem is solved as soon as possible.

If you need any commercial plumbing services today, do not hesitate. Call us today for excellent services!

Excellent HVAC Repair Services

In this modern day and age, air conditioning systems are essential to almost all business environments. In fact, some businesses’ bottom-line could be significantly affected is the HVAC system malfunctions at any time. However, repairs to air conditioning systems are inevitable. Even the most dependable systems might incur some damage. When that happens, we are here to lend you a firm helping hand.

What you need for efficient HVAC repair

HVAC Repair ServicesWhen a business’s air conditioning system malfunctions, you will certainly appreciate a speedy and efficient repair. For this reason, you will need experienced technicians who can tend to your problem immediately and leave it functioning optimally. You need reliable experts who can give you the very best service at an affordable price. You need people who have you and your business’s best interests in mind. This and more, is exactly what our teams can provide.

What Our HVAC Repair Services Include

Punctuality is one of our best virtues. We will respond to your calls as speedily as possible to reduce the possible losses your business might incur in downtime to a minimum. Our teams are excellently qualified experts who constantly improve their skills through training. They will assuredly provide you with outstanding service and you can be certain that our repair services will be provided correctly at the first time. We understand and respect you and business and will give the very best we have to offer.

Using knowledge gained from extensive experience with a variety of customers, we will troubleshoot your system to identify the root cause of malfunction and to fix it optimally. You can be sure that the service we will offer will allow you to enjoy greater reliability from your system with minimal needs for future repairs.

Our technicians will provide a comprehensive assessment of your entire system and not only the damaged part. This will enable us to see beyond the immediate failure so we can identify problems before they become critical to the system. We will alert you of any underlying weaknesses to protect you from incurring additional costs later if the weaknesses compound. In this way, we will provide you with a long term solution reducing future needs for repair and unnecessary down-time.

What makes us special?

As a HVAC repair service provider, we provide service for all brands and types of HVAC units. Because or teams have taken the time to equip themselves with an ample amount of knowledge, they are familiar with almost all brands of HVAC systems including Honeywell and Siemens.

Furthermore, we can also provide maintenance services to restore your entire system to optimal function before it incurs substantial damage. Should there be any worn out parts of your air conditioning facility, we will not only alert you, but also give you advice on where to find the best replacements.

Our Promise

Choosing our company for your repair needs will be a choice you will not regret. We will value you and respect you as our customer. We will adhere sternly to our promise of quality service.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

commerical ac repairThe majority of commercial properties now have air conditioning systems installed. Whether it be in the main building of the company, or in their storage area. Employers have found that by installing such products aids to make their staff feel more comfortable during office hours. This in turn can help to improve the company’s productivity, thus showing an increase in profits.

Commercial Properties that have Air Conditioning
• Apartment blocks
• Shared housing
• Banks
• Offices
• Library’s and other public buildings
• Hotels
• Stores
• Schools and colleges
• Restaurants
• Sport and leisure facilities

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning products can be installed into a property to help with heating, cooling and refrigeration, and ventilation. They are discreet systems that would not impede any other areas of the business. Usually with low running costs, and a quiet system so there is no noise interference.

As the industry has expanded over the years, manufacturers have produced some innovative designs to choose from. A lot of these are now environmentally friendly, and can help to reduce fuel costs as well as pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere. Making them a popular purchase for many business owners.

Many of the air conditioning systems that can be installed in a commercial property can be set to accommodate the seasonal conditions in the State within which they are based. This can make it easy to regulate the air in the premises to make a more pleasant working environment.

Keep Up With the AC Maintenance

Once a commercial air conditioning system installation has taken place, keep in mind you will have to keep up with the maintenance moving forward. Many of the companies who offer the installation service, will also maintain their products over time to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. When the products are purchased, a maintenance plan will be organized with all the requirements listed for its up – keep.

Warranty and Purchase Agreement

Commercial air conditioning repairs should only be carried out by the company who installed the system if this a part of the warranty and purchase agreement that the customer signed. Should this not be a service that they provide, they will usually recommend a suitable contractor that can be contacted. Using an independent mechanic could make any insurances invalid should something go wrong which is a consideration when employing someone to carry out any repairs.

Troubleshoot The Problem

When a fault occurs, mechanics will attend the premises and use troubleshooting techniques to pinpoint the problem. They will test any devices and regulators within the system so that they are sure of the issue. Then replace any worn parts or components.
Due to the complexities of air conditioning systems within commercial buildings, any contractor who attends needs to be trained in all the technical parts that may require repair.

Many actually specialize in this area to attend business premises due to this fact.
It is important when choosing a commercial air conditioning system that you opt for a reputable company that will look after the instillation for the length of its lifetime. Then you can be sure that if there are any problems, your business will not suffer while repairs are carried out.