Energy Tax Credits for 2023

Energy Tax Credits

We’ve all felt the effects of the current economy.   The rising inflation costs  have caused us to part ways with our hard-earned money faster than ever. That’s why those of us with outdated heating and cooling systems avoid the topic of upgrading. Doing so costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, making many people […]

Indications that Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services are Required

Recently, Dallas Plumbing began offering aeroseal duct sealing services. This highly beneficial service uses patented technology to seal the ductwork. Aeroseal sealant has been proven to have such a high level of effectiveness that after treatment, ducts have less than 2% of leaks, compared to 10-30% for ducts that do not receive aeroseal treatment. Though […]

The Importance of Hiring a Professional AC Repair Service

If you want a properly functioning air conditioning system in your home, you must keep up with the proper maintenance and repairs to ensure that it lasts a long time. Air conditioning systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially during the hot summer months. However, like any other home amenities, your AC […]

When Duct Cleaning is Needed

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Unless you are a Dallas heating and air conditioning pro, the signs for cleaning your ducts won’t always be evident to you. However, because the ductwork in your home plays a huge role in the quality of your indoor air, keeping them clean and in optimal condition is very important. As the regional experts in […]

How Do Sewer Leaks Occur?

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Sewer leaks create a lot of chaos during the course of their existence, regardless of what type of property they occur on. They can cause significant damage to the surrounding structures, increase water bills, and create an awful stench that nobody likes. Because of the nuisances they create, most homeowners prefer to avoid these sewer […]

Did Freezing Temperatures Leave You With Frozen Pipes?

frozen pipes

The recent freezing temperatures sweeping through the United States have made their way to Dallas as well. We’ve recently been shivering in our coats and rushing towards the safety of our warm homes and cars. This cold has been so significant that it can actually cause damage to the plumbing inside our homes, if we’re […]

Reasons for Loud Water Heater Noise

Water heaters are amazing commodities that keep us warm, safe, and sanitary in our homes. It is an excellent amenity, that is until it begins to show signs of heating repair. We discussed at length the common signs of heating repair on the blog already, and one of those signs is loud and odd sounds […]

Why Is My Toilet So Loud?

Why Is My Toilet So Loud

This article’s topic concerns one of our home’s most essential amenities: the toilet. What do you think life would have been like without a toilet? Most of us do not think much about this scenario until the toilet becomes dysfunctional. Though its design has served most households for decades, toilets eventually acquire repairs due to […]

What is Limescale?

Limescale is a residue consistent with calcium carbonate deposited into pipes by hard water. These minerals are left behind after the water evaporates, creating a buildup in pipes and faucets. Limescale water can become a very expensive problem because the buildup it creates will lead to blocked pipes and faucets and reduce water pressure. Plus, […]

Signs for a Heating Repair

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a cold winter day without a working heating system. As luck would have it, heaters typically break down when we least expect them to and when we need them most often.  As heating experts with over a hundred years of experience, the techs at […]