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6 Summer Plumbing Tips

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Summer being one of the best seasons for vacation and family outings, it is always wise to make sure your plumbing needs are well taken care of and be able to save the plumbing costs during this warm season with rising temperatures.

Here are 6 summer plumbing tips that are effective enough to make you feel comfortable and ready to welcome the warm season.

1. Make sure you install the backwater valve
The heavy downpours usually witnessed during summer can cause damage to sewers by overloading them. These causes seepage of sewage in your basement and you can imagine the stench smell. Make sure to inform your plumber on this decision and can help you fix the backwater valve.

A keen inspection should also be carried out in a case of any damage caused by tree’s roots in the drainage system and this should be solved competently to enhance optimal flow.

2. Check the downspouts and gutters for any blockage
Make an effort and climb onto the rooftop to check your drainage system. Before the heavy summer rains, check to ensure that the gutters and downspouts are well maintained, no leakages and blockages during the last winter season, and that they are firm enough to support the heavy waters.

If possible consider diverting the water collection system away from the home environment to avoid incidences of flooding and damage to the building foundation.

3. Be careful on garbage disposal
With the many friends and family visits, often there are many celebrations and you won’t fail to encounter some garbage disposed of inappropriately; stingy foods, bones, celery and corn husks disposed of in open water drainage pipes.

All this waste will not have the chance to go through the drain and this will cause blockage and next, garbage and dirt mixed in rain waters will be floating comfortably in your compound. Avoid this garbage disposal behavior and learn to at least respect your drainage system.

4. Washing machine maintenance
Moving your washing machine at least four inches from its attached point on the wall will help prevent any incident of hose kinking which may cause damage. Check the machine regularly for any cracks, bulges or leaks which might cost you in the course of service.

Rubber hose pipes should be replaced with stainless steel pipes that are less prone to bursting and cracking. Regularly check for dryer lint and if any remove and dispose of appropriately.

5. Sprinkler System Maintenance
Due to the increased humid environmental conditions sprinklers tends to leak more during the summer season. Lack of proper supervision of the sprinklers system especially those operated by a timer may leak and goes undetected and this will cost in the long run as it turns your lawn into a swamp. A Proper inspection and routine check-up should be done to avert this problem.

6. Regular Inspection of the Gas Lines
Gas line system may develop a weak fault or crack during winter and fail to show up fully. These cracks and leaks will develop fully in summer due to sudden weather change, regular checks are highly recommended with sniff test to determine any incident of gas leakage.

In a case of any leakage, a gas plumber should fix it immediately to avoid further occurrence. Different techniques are usually employed to determine the presence of cracks and leakage of gas. A common method is where the gas network gasket is placed in a dish detergent and presence of bubbles confirms the leakage.

These six effective plumbing tips are all you need to fix the demanding needs that may arise during the summer season.

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