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5 HVAC Trouble Prevention Points

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Preventative Points for Your HVAC System to Use

When getting an HVAC system ready in your home, you have to think carefully about how it is going to be set up and maintained. There are many things that can be done with prevention in mind.

These solutions will keep your HVAC system from being at risk of serious damages. They also make your HVAC unit work better without wearing out any faster than it has to.

#1- Keep Your Filter Controlled

A proper air filter is needed to keep your HVAC system working. An air filter should take in foreign air particles and keep them from getting into your vents or other features inside your HVAC unit.

The filter should be replaced every few months. It should also be cleaned out every month in between each replacement just to keep it working clearly and quickly.

#2- Keep Space Open

You need at least two feet of space around your AC unit at all times. This is to let it get in enough outside air without being crowded in a spot where it might potentially overheat in.

#3- Protect the Outside

The outside has to be protected well enough so it will not take in grass clippings while mowing your lawn or dead leaves from a tree. You might have to create a small fence area near one side of the HVAC unit if it’s near a spot that you will trim with a mower. You must also trim off any branches of nearby trees so the risk of leaves or other items falling into or on top of the HVAC unit will be reduced.

#4- Clear the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain in your HVAC system should be reviewed carefully. It must be cleaned out every year so it will not develop bacteria or other kind of dirt. A good mixture of bleach and water can be added to your HVAC system to make it easier for this to be cleaned out right although you will need to be careful when getting it ready to work.

#5- Check All Refrigerant Lines

You need to look at the refrigerant lines every month to see that they are working. These should not have any clogs in them. They should also be carefully insulated. This is to keep them from wearing out or struggling to work as well as they should. You’ll have to see that these are run properly without being harder to follow than necessary.

Remember, working hard with your HVAC system will help you to keep it functional and ready to take on anything. Be sure you check on your HVAC system regularly to see that it’s working fine and that there will not be any problems coming out of it. This will make a real difference when done correctly and without problems.

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